About Actus Digital

Actus Digital provides leading web based media intelligent platform for broadcast recording and monitoring that records, stores and indexes broadcast content from any input, any format, offering the users simultaneous 24 x 7 access to content.

Actus’ broadcast recording platform is a compliance logger that complies with all the TV regulator requirements, such as the FCC requirements (such as Loudness or closed caption). Actus also provides automatic content and ads tracking, integration of rating information for better competitive and rating analysis and extensive automated clips creation and exporting tools for content repurposing of  linear broadcasts to the Internet, mobile, OTT. A powerful clips creation engine allows the users to create frame accurate clips, transcode the clips to multiple formats and include any metadata. Actus monitoring system also evaluates, automatically, the quality of the content and advertising, to provide real time alerts on any audio/video issue, to guarantee the high quality of service.


The company is a world leader in broadcast monitoring, content analysis, content repurposing and content verification. Actus operations and market segments worldwide include broadcasters, national regulators, media operators (cable/satellite/playout), media monitoring and analysis agencies, Internet and telephony content providers, private security and monitoring services. Among Actus customers, many of the largest Media organizations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, US and Africa.


Actus is a market driven company, innovative and focused on developing and enhancing its solutions, to support the ongoing and future requirements of the media industry. This is the reason early adopters for future requirements turn to Actus, knowing Actus will always comply with new requirements the market dictates.



Actus customers are well known media and broadcast companies in the industry; hundreds of customers from 5 continents. Please refer to: http://actusdigital.com/customers/our-customers/ to see some of our customers.