Actus AdWatch – Automatic Content Detection & TV Ads tracking

 Actus AdWatch is a cost effective platform for automatic TV ad tracking and ads (advertisements) detection for commercials verification and competitors monitoring. It offers an advanced audio and/or video ads detection solution combined with a robust feature-set allowing detection of recurring spots in linear broadcasts.  Adwatch contains a report generator, allowing you to create any report, by any criteria and filter.


Key Features:

  • Based on proprietary audio fingerprinting and video fingerprinting technology
  • Automatic commercial ads detection, promos detection or any other content matching
  • Guaranteed High accuracy detection rates (99% to 99.9%) 
  • New commercials to be detected automatically – requires only the user’s confirmation
  • Supports both audio and video based detection
  • Does not require any watermarking of the feeds in advance. 
  • Fingerprint extracted automatically from any sample, either from the recorded feed or from an imported file. 
  • Powerful Report Generator –build your own report: per channel, spot, brand, campaign, etc.
  • Create affidavit and compliance with visual proofing
  • Customized metadata for the detected content
  • Scan previously recorded material retroactively.
  • AdWatch will separate detection with 100% matching from those with medium or low matching.
  • User may watch low matching detection and Approve or Reject detections by comparing to the original sample



The task of verifying if commercials were aired or not is getting more complex due to:

  • The need to search within an ever increasing number of TV & Radio channels.
  • Manual operation is subject to errors.
  • Adwatch will also produce ads affidavits reports for advertising (traffic) aired.
  • AdWatch fully automatic advertisement tracking is more efficient than manual operation, more accurate, and more economical.
  • Adwatch automates competitors monitoring. 



The process begins by defining the reference commercials, either by marking them from the recorded feeds or by importing sample files.
The system automatically computes one specific fingerprint for each of the marked commercials.
AdWatch monitors the live feeds of all selected channels, and compares the fingerprint of the live feeds to the fingerprints of all the marked commercials stored in the database.
When AdWatch detects a commercial that is not 100% identical to the original marked commercial, the software will indicate a “suspicious” detection and allows the user to visually compare it to the original marked commercial and to classify it as “Approved” or “Rejected”.
At the end of the process, AdWatch created a database of all certified commercials detections.
The user may produce a large set of reports from this database, by date, channel, brands, campaign and many other attributes.
For further analysis, there is a possibility to export any report to excel (.csv)