Actus ChangeTracker  – Compare between two video streams

Actus has announced a new Change Tracker solution for comparing outgoing and off-air feeds and flagging significant differences according to user-defined rules. These combined functionalities allow regionalised versions of the content to be monitored from multiple sites, ensuring that clients’ brand values are retained wherever they are viewed.

Key features:

Ability to compare two linear feeds, like a primary channel and an affiliate channel, and to automatically detect any variation or  modification in the secondary feed.

You will be notified automatically on all the locations in the streams that were modified.


Change Tracker


Why do I need Actus Change Tracker

  • To insure that all my channels are aired exactly as planned and without program or Ads modifications.
  • To obtain timely reports on any such modification
  • To process large number of channels automatically, fast, accurately, saving manual work.