Broadcast Media Monitoring and Verification for Broadcasters

Actus is offering the best-of-breed solution for post broadcast digital recording, Monitoring and Verifiction. Whether you need to repurpose and deliver content to multiple platforms, comply with regulation or analyze rating data and media – with View, Rating Analyzer, Clip Factory and AlertCenter is the ultimate solution for your needs.

Broadcast & Radio Monitoring for Regulators

Actus’ provides an all-in-one solution for Radio and TV regulators, having the needs and challenges that regulators face today, in mind

Broadcast Verification & Monitoring for Playout Centers & Teleports

Teleports are often required to comply with regulation, and keep a low-res copy of all the content transmitted for a period of up to 90 days – this is exactly what we do best, check out our View module, we know that it will be the ultimate answer for your needs.

Ad Agencies & Media Monitoring Companies
Media is your most valuable asset, it is the foundation of your business, but how easy is it for you to work with it? Do you have a unified, holistic solution or you have a mix & match infrastructure, which does not work well together and causes you to waste precious time and money?

Governmental Organizations

For defense, internal and external affairs ministries, monitoring and analyzing broadcast media is an essential part of daily activity. Most of the information that feeds decision makers within these ministries is often found in the open broadcast channels.

 General Digital Recording Solution

Digital media is all around us. With so many devices creating high quality video, there is a growing need for a multiple channel digital recording ,retrieval and repurposing solution. Our infrastructure is highly versatile and can work with virtually any video source.