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Media Monitoring and Ad Agencies

Media is your most valuable asset, it is the foundation of your business. The ability to record TV/Radio channels, monitor live or archived broadcast content, retrieve and share the relevant content immediately is essential.

Actus web based media intelligence platform answers all these requirements. Advanced features such as integration of rating data for rating analysis (Actus Rating Analyzer)  and automatic ads detection  (AdWatch) are also available – Actus Media Platform is the ultimate media recording and analysis platform for media research and media monitoring companies.

Why choose us?

  • Among our customers you can find leading media monitoring companies like Media Fax, Tera, Kovel Fuller, McCann Clipping and more.
  • We have the best automatic tracking solution for advertisements. With the technological capability to fingerprint and track content based on an Audio or Video signature, Actus reaches a reliability level of more than 99%, an unprecedented number in this industry. You can save expenses on manual labor, and better utilize it within your organization.
  • We are the only one-stop-shop solution that gives you or your customer the freedom to work with any browser or Operating System. Whether they are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or the latest Chrome on your PC or Mac; our web application is compatible.
  • We are reasonably priced. When it comes to value for your money, no other solution will give you a more compelling offer for the budget you have.


Here are some of the core highlights of Actus’, products and solutions for Media Monitoring:

  • Monitoring solutions for Live and Archived content
  • Annotating the media, tagging, into hierarchical categories.
  • Clip factory for clips creation, metadata support.
  • Advanced search engine for finding fast the relevant media, anytime, from anywhere.
  • Fast clips creation of relevant media and export abilities, assuring your customers are getting in no time the best results.
  • Ability to integrate speech to text engine, allowing to search on every word that has been said, clip it and send.
  • Rating analyzer for interactive display of the rating information with the media
  • Automatic ads detection in real time and reports: saving the need of manual work, and give the most accurate results.
  • Allow your customers to remotely log in the system and get the information they want.  

If you are a media monitoring company, or an ad agency, and would like to know more about the possibilities that our products give you, contact us now.

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