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Clips Creation for Social and OTT

Get your content published – faster and simpler than ever!

The challenge of any content rights holder is to increase the viewers’ engagement by
publishing instant video to social media, strengthen the brand, reach new audiences and
support the linear channel ratings.

This is achieved by Actus Clip Factory™ , a live video editing and clipping platform, that
allows to create, share and distribute live and multiple highlights clips to Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, VOD and OTT, instantly.

Actus Clip Factory™ allows you to:

  • Create clips of key moments from your live video streams
  • Social publishing: Share instant highlights to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and
  • Create clips from your stream to social media, VOD, OTT, Catchup
  • Share clips with your colleagues instantly
  • Live video editing and clipping
  • Ingest the video stream from any source or format
  • Fast creation of clips with highlights
  • Add effects to your clip such as overlays, pre/post roll, blurring, mute


virtual machine flow chart



Why choose Actus Clip Factory:

  • No need to be a professional editor to be able and create clips

  • Speed up your video production workflows

  • Delivers the content to your viewers want immediately

  • Allows you to share your videos in seconds on multiple social media accounts simultaneously

  • No need for additional human resources

  • One solution gets it all done

  • Can be used from anywhere, anytime

  • No need for any client’s installation or a dedicated client

  • Start editing the clips in near live, to assure the clips will be published as fast as possible

  • Very short learning curve

  • With one mouse click you can publish the content in different profiles to multiple destinations

  • Industry-proven, high-capacity technology that can manage hundreds of users, clips and destinations 

  • Cost effective


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