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Broadcast Verification & Monitoring for Cable/ Satellite/ IPTV/ Playout Centers & Teleports

Cable, satellite, IPTV and playout centers must be able to monitor and solve any issue regarding  the broadcast content immediately, or the offered quality of service will be damaged. By implementing Actus recording and monitoring platform you will ensure the high quality of service provided to your customers as well as offering your customers additional added values Actus media monitoring platform offers, such as Actus Rating Analyzer and Clip Factory.

Actus media monitoring is a cost effective and powerful video and audio monitoring system that will perform video and audio quality performance check, 24x7, to ensure the high quality service provided to the customers. A real time alert will be provided, to enable the operators to detect any issue before the customers do.

You will be innovative, save them cost, and make sure that your customers stay with you longer.

Why choose us?

  • You will not be the first – you will be joining 1st tier customers all over the world, including big names such as Bharti-Airtel in India, BSkyB in the UK and many more. Read more about our success stories.
  • We are future proof – with IP ingest, support for multiple audio tracks, decoding of Dolby sound, simultaneously recording multiple subtitle tracks and extraction of EPG metadata, Actus can seamlessly integrate into modern teleports and play-out center’s infrastructure.  Actus provides solutions for today while constantly looking to answer the recording needs of tomorrow.
  • We are the only one-stop-shop solution that gives you or your customers the freedom to work with any browser or Operating System. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or the latest Chrome on your PC or Mac; our web application is compatible with all browsers and operating systems.
  • We are reasonably priced. When it comes to value for your money, no other solution will give you a more compelling offer for the budget you have.

If you are a teleport or play-out center, looking for the best digital recording solution for yourself, or wish to expand the advanced services that you give to your customers, contact us now.

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