Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (APEK)

“…With VHS tapes, searching for old recordings was very time consuming, not to mention copying and exporting material. With Actus anyone can quickly access any recorded material, copying and sending recordings out is also much easier and much less time consuming…“ – Greg Stor, Program Monitoring Associate

Business Summary:

The Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia is an independent regulatory body in charge of managing and controlling activities in the fields of electronic communications and postal services, as well as certain operations in the field of Radio and Television broadcasting.

APEK monitors the implementation of program-related requirements and restrictions on TV and Radio programs, and the statutory provisions for radio and television programs of particular importance.

Challenge Presented:

APEK has been evaluating ways to digitize and automate its broadcasting monitoring workflows for several years, until they were introduced to AdWatch, Actus’ automated content detection engine – part of the Actus Monitoring Solution.

APEK’s previous workflows contained the use of VHS tapes as means of capturing audiovisual content. They were, in many cases, complex, unreliable and ineffective, because of the nature of VHS tapes. Furthermore, the agency’s role of monitoring content in a dynamic and fast growing TV broadcasting market required them to find efficient ways to analyze content and detect regulation violations by broadcasters.

Using a public tender, APEK looked for a company that had the proven experience in integrating a completely digital work environment, wrapped up in a user friendly interface. The sought solution required content logging and archiving, repurposing of select media clips and a sophisticated audio/video content detection engine.

The Actus Monitoring System was awarded the tender because of its rich feature-set which met the requirements in full and its competitive price.


Actus has fully integrated its Actus4 Monitoring Solution at APEK, providing them with the ability to record, archive and monitor 8 SD channels digitally.

Instead of recording and maintaining hundreds of VHS analog tapes, and then using VCRs to monitor and extract content, APEK can now effortlessly have the same channels digitally recorded and stored on Actus’ servers, offering better capturing quality and much easier ways to go over days/weeks/months of data with a few mouse clicks.

Actus Adwatch’s intelligent audio and video content detection engines, constantly and automatically monitor broadcasts, and conveniently report back the findings to APEK’s video monitoring team via a friendly user interface.

Extracting media content for distribution has also never been as easy for the monitoring team, as they can now export clips to a variety of standardized video formats, directly from within the web-based user interface, releasing them for the tiresome task of performing such extractions using old analog equipment.

The Results:

Since the installment of the system, APEK has been using Actus4 to perform its duties in much more convenient and efficient ways than ever before. Previous tasks that took hours and days to fulfill can now be achieved in minutes with the Actus system in place.

The Video Monitoring department is now better focused on the tracking and handling of non-regulated content in response to viewers’ and the 24  regulator’s complaints, and able to provide their reports faster and more accurately utilizing a complete digital solution provided by Actus.

“…The major improvement, besides getting rid of the old VHS tapes, is that now we can continuously record all the channels where we would most probably expect ‘problematic’ shows, at the same time, whereas before we were able record a maximum of two, maybe three channels…” – Greg Stor, Program Monitoring Associate