This document is intended for existing Actus customers, with systems running older

It describes the main improvements introduced by Actus in version 5.9, which was
released in September 2015 and will gradually be distributed to all customers
during the first half of 2016, under support agreements.

This version includes much less improvements than previous versions and future
versions. The reason is that most Actus developers are now busy with porting the
Silverlight client to an HTML5 client and this takes most of our resources.

It is intended as a brief description. If you require more technical information and
precise specifications, please contact [email protected]

Constant Bit Rate

We have added the possibility to force a CBR during encoding. This option was
added to the configuration utility.


NAVE is an acronym for Nielsen Audio Video encoder. It creates data that can be
inserted into A/V files and include metadata about the program being aired. Actus
added the ability to read and decode NAVE information.


Actus added support for WDM Decklink card filters.

Aspect Ratio

Actus added the ability to read and decode Aspect Ratio metadata in the video feed.

Dual Storage

Actus added the capability to manage storage in two locations. For example video
files can be stored both locally in the recording server for a few days or weeks, and
also copied into a central storage for a few weeks or months. The “Cleanup” process
will delete files on a FIFO basis after the duration period has elapsed. The duration
for the local storage can be different from that of the central storage.


Starting from version 6.0 (scheduled at the end of 2016), the Actus system will
support both Silverlight and HTML5 clients, side by side.