Why Isn’t the Cloud Trending for Compliance Solutions?

Traditionally, broadcast compliance and monitoring solutions have been implemented in an on-premises environment. However, recently, cloud-based solutions are controlling the IT conversation. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most people to work from their homes on different devices, requiring the industry to evolve and reconsider the advantages of cloud-based options.

To be competitive in the current landscape, media companies need to focus more on content and monetization, and less on managing their infrastructure. Here is where cloud-based solutions truly shine: they are agile, scalable, and flexible. Cloud-based solutions are also accessible from anywhere and do not require the same level of maintenance as on-premises solutions.

While many media companies are looking into running their compliance and monitoring solution
on the cloud, such solutions are still far from being common. The question is why.

Based on more than a decade of experience and feedback from hundreds of customers, we believe the main reason is cost related. Compliance systems are responsible for recording content 24/7. Today, the inputs are mainly HD, moving to 4K and higher resolutions. Content has to be stored for a long period of time, often in high resolution, for repurposing. This requires
a significant amount of storage and CPU resources. The costs associated with implementing dedicated cloud resources are relatively high compared with on-premises and virtualized solutions for these use cases.

Media companies are not content to settle on only a recording and compliance solution; they want a solution that can also handle other functions, including post-production requirements, on one integrated platform. This requires substantial cloud resources for transcoding content into high resolutions, rapid clips creation, video and audio analysis, and more.

On-premises and Virtualized Solutions Need to be Pandemic-Proof

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many more people are working from home, including media and broadcast staff. They need to ensure that media content complies with regulations, can be monitored for quality purposes, and can quickly be turned into social media clips. It does not matter if the solution is cloud-based, virtualized, or on-premises: it must be accessible
anytime, from any location, and on any device.

Actus Digital’s compliance system is an essential tool for customers enabling media companies to monitor content while working remotely. We are one of the only vendors that offer a unified solution for compliance, monitoring, quality assurance, video analysis, advanced clips creation for social, OTT monitoring, multiviewer capabilities, automatic clipping, keywords alerts, speech-to-text, configuration changes, and ads detection — all remotely.

Here are five capabilities that every compliance platform should include and how Actus Digital is leading the charge:

1. Remote Monitoring is Essential

Remote monitoring is an important capability in a compliance system, not only in terms of enabling users to monitor content and create clips, but also for administrators to perform their job remotely and check the quality of the aired content. Compliance systems today should allow users to check content quality from any device, using any web browser, while guaranteeing network security.

Actus Digital’s platform is built on Angular 10 framework, assuring cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility with secure access and improved performance.

2. Remote Configuration Has Become Vital

As the last year has proven, agility and adaptability are now vital in a broadcast compliance system. Media companies must be able to reconfigure their systems and connect to a variety of broadcast signals (local and remote) without being physically present. In addition, all of the administrative, support, and configuration tools must be functional through a remote connection.

Actus Digital’s Angular 10-based UI guarantees remote configuration.

3. Ultra-Fast Remote Clips Creation for Social Media

Actus Digital’s all-in-one platform supports a wide range of workflows, including clips creation and export to social media and the web. These tasks can be done from anywhere, without the need for dedicated editing machines or professional video editors. Any user who has been granted permission can rapidly create and export clips from any device. This allows media
companies to focus on investing in high-quality content rather than in professional video editors.

4. Artificial Intelligence is a Must

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and it is here to stay. AI-based platforms can be integrated into broadcast workflows for various tasks, ranging from speech-to-text, object and facial recognition, and scene description, with the ultimate goal of helping viewers find relevant content faster and boosting engagement. Integrating these technologies into the broadcast workflow simplifies asset management and navigation.

Actus Digital’s platform is integrated with a variety of AI engines to increase the value of the compliance solution and to allow for more automation options. Hosted in the cloud, our platform is continuously learning to enable faster upgrades and advancements.

5. Compliance Without ROI and Monetization Cannot Be Justified

A monitoring solution that is only used for compliance is not sustainable. ROI and monetization are crucial in order to justify the expense of purchasing a compliance system. The platform has to serve as many departments as possible and should support workflows that will contribute to higher revenues, assure the highest content quality, strengthen brand recognition, and increase viewers’ engagement. By deploying a multi-workflow platform, media companies can save human resources and time, while responding faster to technical and content-related issues.

Actus Digital’s platform is designed to support all post-broadcast needs in one platform. Compliance is mandatory for media providers, requiring investments in hardware, software licenses, and maintenance. Actus Digital provides an unparalleled ROI by supporting innovative features such as new media content repurposing, real-time IT alerts, ratings and competitive analysis tools for research and content teams, ad sales reports for the traffic department, AI, and automation.

Pay Per Use and Grow With Actus Digital

Actus Digital’s platform offers many capabilities in addition to mandatory compliance. Sometimes our customers only need a compliance solution with future growth potential, and in other instances our customers want to take advantage of all that the platform has to offer today.

Our platform is designed to be flexible, allowing broadcasters to select capabilities as needed, and the pricing is adjusted accordingly. This pay-as-you-grow business model, combined with advanced cloud technology, remote capabilities, and AI, is the future of the industry, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving ROI for broadcasters.