Traditionally, broadcast compliance and monitoring solutions have been implemented on
premises. But clipping solutions for content repurposing for social media and the web are more divided in approach. Such solutions can be either cloud-based requiring monthly payments, or they can be on-premises solutions that are typically cost-effective.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many broadcast personnel to work from home, connecting via different devices and browsers. This shift in work practices requires the industry to adapt broadcast workflows to support change in the most cost-effective way.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Cloud-based solutions, while expensive, provide access from anywhere without requiring the
same level of maintenance as on-premises solutions. At the end of the day, it does not matter if
the solution is cloud-based, virtualized, or on-premises; the system must be accessible from
anywhere, from any device, and at any time.

Actus Digital’s platform assures cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility with maximum
secure access and improved performance. Our compliance system has become more essential
to broadcasters since the start of the pandemic, allowing them to monitor content remotely. We
are one of the only vendors that offers a unified solution for compliance, monitoring, quality
assurance, video analysis, advanced clips for social, OTT monitoring, multiview, automatic
clipping, keywords alerts, speech-to-text, configuration changes, and ads detection, all in one
platform that can be accessed remotely.

Fast and Easy Content Monetization Without High Cloud Costs

One of the many workflows included in the Actus Digital platform is an advanced clipping
workflow for editing, dynamic metadata, transcoding, and export to social media and the web.
Once exported, the clips can be leveraged for various monetization opportunities such as VOD,
catchup TV, and more.

As the last year has shown, a clipping solution must be available at all times and should be
accessible from anywhere. Actus Digital’s platform allows for these tasks to be performed
remotely even if the system is installed on premises, saving the cost of investing in the cloud.
Broadcasters can enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based solution and have an on-premises

Additionally, the Actus Digital Clip Factory does not require dedicated editing machines or
professional video editors. This capability frees up media companies to focus on generating
good content, rather than investing in professional video editors. Any permitted user can rapidly
create and export clips from anywhere without paying high monthly charges for cloud-based

Remote Configuration and Adaptability are Vital

Media companies must be able to reconfigure their systems and connect to a variety of
broadcast signals without being present on site. All administrative, support, and configuration
tools must be functional remotely. Actus Digital’s compliance recording gives broadcasters the
flexibility for remote workflows while minimizing the costs of leveraging a cloud-based system.

By Raphael Renous, CTO, Actus Digital