Monitor Media Intelligently with Advanced Ad
Detection, Content Analysis, and Reports

Media monitoring and analysis is one of the most valuable assets and the foundation of your business. The ability to record and monitor TV, radio, and web channels; quicky retrieve and share the relevant content; automatically track ads; create your own reports; and analyze the media for advanced searching assures fast, accurate, and innovative service delivery to customers. Actus’ web-based media intelligence platform is designed to simplify this process. 

Automatic Ad Detection and Reports  Actus Digital AdWatch

Actus AdWatch, based on advanced fingerprinting technology, is a complete workflow for automatic audio and video content detection. AdWatch detects ads in real time or scans back the recordings, providing reports on the aired ads for ad verification, ad exposure, and compliance with visual proofing, as well as for efficient competitive analysis.

AdWatch does not require any watermarking of the feeds in advance. 



Audio and video fingerprints with high accuracy, up to 99% 


Customized metadata for the detected content


Automatic detection of ads


Powerful report generator for per – channel, spots, brands, and campaigns

Automatic detection of new commercials  No prior fingerprinting

For outstanding efficiency, AdWatch includes automatic potential-ad spotting technology that automates the task of finding new, undetected ads. AdWatch keeps your system constantly up to date, offering complete control over the current ad campaign and significant savings in human resources.

Additional Options:

Competitive analysis reports with Actus Rating Analyzer

Live monitoring of all live channels to garantee no event is missed

Analysis of audio and video: search on spoken words and keywords alerts

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Media and Entertainment Technology Industry Heavyweight Ken Rubin Joins Actus Digital to Lead Sales in the Americas

BOSTON — June 3, 2021 — Actus Digital, a leading provider of compliance monitoring and QA logging solutions, today announced that Ken Rubin is joining the company as senior vice president for the Americas. Adding Rubin to the team is a testament to the rapid growth that Actus Digital is experiencing in the Americas, where major players like The Weather Channel, Fox, and many others have selected and deployed the company’s solutions.

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