Broadcast Repurposing with Actus Clip-FactoryTM

Actus Clip-FactoryTM is an easy to use one-stop-shop video editor for clips creation for OTT, VOD, Catchup TV, mobile, social and any new media platform.


ClipFactory is a one-stop-shop alternative to a multitude of separate products for capture, encoding, editing, transcoding and delivery of clips. Thus, ClipFactory saves you both complexity and costs. ClipFactory incorporates video recording, content extraction, editing, metadata application, transcoding and delivery management into a single streamlined solution. 

TV Clips for OTT and Social Media


Clip-Factory-Pro is a separate product, with additional features and capabilities that are not present in the Clip-Factory (Standard). Its main differentiation is in the API automation and in the special effects (Blur, Mute, Logo/Bitmap insertion). By using the API, it is possible to automate the whole clips generation workflow without any manual intervention.

Main Features:

  • Repurposing Linear (Live) TV into VOD clips
  • Advanced cut-to-cut editing
  • Cutting segments into parts
  • Near Live editing (the video is available for editing just a few seconds from Live)
  • Creation of full HD, frame accurate clips
  • TV Transcoding to any format, resolution and bitrate
  • Customized metadata assignment per part and per segment
  • Built-in Catalog (simple MAM) for clips management
  • Export to multiple destinations (E-Mail, FTP, Network Share, social media, and Internal Catalog)
  • Ability to create and save profiles (Bitrate, Frame size, File Format and Destination)
  • Built-in job management 
  • Ability to add overlays, text, date and time stamps.
  • Powerful Boolean search engine
  • Easy Ads removal
  • Web application – no client software required

Additional Features Clip-Factory-ProTM

  • Blur (selected regions, in parts of the clip)
  • Mute (selected regions, in parts of the clip)
  • Logo insertion, image insertion (selected regions, in parts of the clip)
  • API for complete workflow automation
  • Hot-folders (for API file) 

Why do I need Actus Clip Factory

  • One stop shop for preparation of any clip for OTT, Catch-TV, WebTV, VOD and mobile platforms
  • Automatic clips creation – more cost effective than manual editing
  • Speed up clips creation and delivery
  • Higher frame accuracy than manual editing
  • Content sharing to all screens
  • Removal of ads from programs
  • Distribution of video content across departments in the organization and outside of it.


In order to accomplish this “all-in-one” approach to content production and delivery, ClipFactory harnesses the available linear feed in order to capture and record the video at any required quality, from any type of interface – whether it is analog, SDI or IP transport. Once the content is available, ClipFactory allows you to extract the content using a powerful streaming web-player, to edit the content and assign all required metadata information, transcode the clip into various industry standard formats and frame sizes, and deliver the content to its designated destination.

clips for ott

Access content from anywhere

The Clip Factory is a web application. No need to install any client software and can be accessed from any connected workstation inside the organization or even from a remote location.

Fast clips creation and delivery

With Actus ClipFactory your content is ready to be viewed within minutes.