Quickly create Clips for social, portals and OTT


Clip Factory is an “all-in-one” workflow for content production and publishing: it provides tools to record, create and edit clips, add effects and metadata, transcoding to any format and finally distribute the content to web portals, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or OTT. The workflow is simple to use, fast, does not require professional editing skills and can be operated from any client’s machine. It is replacing overloaded, old legacy and high cost solutions for content re-purposing to the new media platforms.

clip factory workflow chart

Clip Factory incorporates video recording, editing, transcoding and delivery into a single streamlined solution.

  • All in one solution: record, edit, effects, transcode, deliver
  • Web based – no client installation is needed
  • Any workstation can be used
  • Simplicity of use – no need for professional editors
  • Built in transcoding or integration with transcoding farms
  • Can be on premise/Cloud/VM
  • Clips creation automation (for example ads removal)
  • HD frame accurate clips
  • Closed caption to comply with regulation
  • Dynamic metadata
  • Proxy monitoring for remote operation, clips to be created from the high res
  • Unlimited number of users, clips and destinations

Clip Factory Metadata Management screenshot

Clip Factory Metadata Management: add metadata to each of the clips highlights

Clips Editing
You can start to edit the clips during the live broadcast and be sure the clips will be published as fast as possible to retain the viewer’s engagement. Clip Factory allows mark-in and mark-out of one or multiple segments and a selection of any resolution, bitrate and file format for export. Any metadata can be accompanied to the clip as well as to each segment. Different effects can be added such as animated logo, picture in picture, Pre / post roll, graphics or text, blur, mute or date and time stamp. You can also include in the clip extracted metadata such as closed caption.

From the intuitive UI you can easily remove commercial breaks and promos and join several parts into a single frame accurate clip.
Easy navigation: Find the exact positions to be edited by using the smart player options: slow motion, smooth fast forward and rewind at different speeds, interactive story board presentation and scrubbing. Using special keyboard shortcuts while editing gives even more options for faster video navigation.

Clips delivery
The clips are delivered and published directly to different destinations: social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram), OTT, Web portals, Catchup-TV, VOD or any destination such as FTP, Network share, CDN or DVD. Delivery status notifications guarantee that all the clips have been created and delivered properly.

Clips automation
Automated workflow options save human resources, shorten the distribution time and ensures the clips reach their final destination as fast as possible. In order to increase the speed and efficiency of the clips creation and allow automation, the properties of the exported clip can be saved in profiles. Each profile defines: format, bitrate, resolution, destination, metadata and effects to be included. By integrating XML files Clip Factory mark the clip parts automatically.

Customized metadata both at clips and parts level. You can easily search on the different metadata fields. The associated metadata can be exported as part of the clip. You can customize the metadata on your own.

Closed caption/SCTE/DVB-Subtitles/Teletext/Multiple audio tracks Recording of DVB subtitles, closed caption or teletext and being able to monitor them is a requirement of the broadcasters in order to comply with regulation and maintain quality of service. Actus View extracts this data, allows searching on it and includes it as part of the clip creation process.

The clips can be transcoded to any format, bitrate or resolution. Optional integration with any third party transcoding farms is an option. The integration is using the third party API and is seamless to the user.

Key Features:

  • Any input: IP/TS/HLS/RTMP/SDI/ASI/…
  • Web based – no client software is required
  • Customization of Metadata
  • Legal compliance clipping
  • Advanced manual clips editing
  • Professional large scale clipping
  • Automatic interactive storyboard
  • Scrubbing
  • Display AsRun Log information, searchable, clickable
  • Display Subtitles and Teletext, searchable, clickable
  • Simple cut with Mark-in and mark-out
  • Advanced cut-to-cut editing: including cutting segments into multiple parts
  • Frame Accurate cuts
  • Zooming (enlarging) of part of the segment during editing
  • Near-Live: ability to edit the clip a few seconds from Live
  • Extend Clip: clip length can be lengthened to live when working in Near-Live
  • Add Overlay: any text, channel name, date, and time
  • Loudness: burn overlay with Loudness LKFS valu
  • Add Pre-Roll (video) and post-roll (video)
  • Add a Logo/any graphics
  • Add one or multiple logo(s) within the clip, in any shape and size
  • Blur one or many ROI (Region of Interest) within the clip, with selectin of transparency
  • Mute one or multiple parts within the clip
  • Multiple parts in clip. Include or exclude each part
  • Cut parts automatically, remove parts (e.g. Ads), using metadata from EPG, AsRunLog,, triggers (e.g. SCTE-35, SCTE-104)
  • Separate metadata fields per part and per segment
  • Export in any bitrate, resolution and file format
  • Catalog (mini-MAM) for clips management
  • Possibility for local storage or Central Storage
  • Export a single subtitle or Teletext track burned-in
  • Export a single Audio language track
  • Export multiple subtitles embedded in a single file
  • Export multiple audios embedded in a single file
  • Export all Metadata in an XML file defined profiles (Bitrate, Frame size, File Format and Destination)
  • Create predefined profiles (Bitrate, Frame size, File Format and Destination)
  • Automated clipping and distribution using scripts, hot folder
  • Single click export to multiple destinations: FTP, Network Share and Internal Catalog
  • Export to a single destination at a time
  • Export to multiple destinations at a time
  • Export to Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Instagram


share clips to social media

Easily add special effects to the clip, use predefined profiles and share clips to Social Media.

clip factory screenshot

Easily mark in/mark out the segment part to be included / excluded form the clip; advanced metadata editing and interactive story board