Intelligent Political Monitoring
Knowledge is power

The media (TV, Radio, and Internet) have a significant impact on the listeners and viewers worldwide. They are primary mind influencers on the people, their political views, and political agendas. 

Politicians, related political organizations, and companies must be kept up to speed with anything of relevance and be fully aware of the key influencers across the political landscape, how relevant parties are presented in the media, on the topics that get the headlines on the news channels, and how much exposure on the media different politicians get. Furthermore, they need to keep an eye on Parliamentary business, track the progress of legislation, and run through what happened in Parliament are essential.

This applies every day of the year, 24/7, and not only during elections times and political campaigning, during which more analysis is needed regarding the political campaigns, their air times, messages, etc.

Why is Political Monitoring Essential?


  1. Real-time monitoring of news events and political developments allows you to proactively engage with journalists and be ready once approached about upcoming events. It guarantees that you or your organization are the first to comment on these events when a story breaks, building a positive public image.
  2. Monitor negative stories on the media allow dealing with them immediately.
  3. Monitoring debates, campaigns, and parliamentary questions let you gather the views of individual politicians who key stakeholders in your organization may be and also know the general agenda of the other parties and policy changes.

Actus AI Driven Political Monitoring 

Actus intelligent political monitoring allows tracking and being fully on top of what is being said and shown in any event. This is essential for all future considerations, implications, and next steps. The Actus platform offers advanced searching on metadata, tags, spoken words, and expressions, including automatic alerts of defined keywords, as a few examples.
Political Monitoring
  • Monitor and influence the political landscape
  • Never miss any relevant topic or event
  • Never any significant political developments: risks, opportunities, …
  • Make briefing material and summaries to relevant stakeholders
  • Provide analyses and recommendations on key developments
  • Identify key influencers
  • Tracking political campaigns: number of campaigns, time, compliance with regulation (exceeding the allowed time, etc.)
  • AI for searching relevant keywords (speech to text), automatic alerts on relevant topics
  • AI for tracking the politician appearances (face recognition) and alerts
  • Be aware of any relevant information that has been mentioned in the media
  • Be able to respond immediately to events
  • Automatic clipping for specific topics
  • Reports generation on opponents, topics, campaigns, etc.
  • Find political and campaigns violations

Political monitoring: anytime, from anywhere

Be alerted on any special event or topics

Plan effectively by tracking the political discourse

Be Altered on Relevant Topics in Real-Time and Automatically

  • Track and monitor all TV, Radio, and Internet content from one or multiple sites
  • Content tagging and metadata with any data, type, or values
  • Instant marking of relevant topics
  • Live and archived monitoring
  • Smart search engine
  • Easily share and distribute relevant content – fast
  • Share and distribute relevant topics automatically
  • Receive relevant content alerts and clips automatically
  • Speed – be exposed to the relevant content and events while it is happening
  • Receive any report needed

AI Driven and Audio and Video Analysis

  • Audio analysis – search on spoken words and topics (speech to text)
  • Define keywords of interest and be alerted once mentioned
  • Automatic clipping based on defined topics
  • Video analysis: search for specific people (face recognition)
  • Alerts based on face detection
  • Automatic clips creation based on the AI results
  • Automatic campaigns detection and repots
  • Candidates, politicians total time in the media

Politicians must be kept up to speed and be fully aware of the key influencers across their political landscape

Actus Digital political monitoring system is leveraging Actus leading intelligent monitoring platform, used by more than 600 broadcasters and governments worldwide. From our 4 offices worldwide, we provide not only the most cutting-edge technologies but also 24 x 7 support and services.

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