AI Driven and
Intelligent Political Monitoring

Politicians and political related organizations must be kept up to speed and be fully aware of the key influencers across their political landscape. The media has an enormous impact. With Actus intelligent monitoring platform, you will track and be fully on top of what is being said and by whom. This is essential for all future considerations, implications, and next steps. This applies to every day of the year and not only during political campaigning and elections times. 

Intelligent Monitoring – Be alterted on relevant information

  • Monitor and find the relevant content in an increasing number of TV/Radio/Internet channels
  • Track and analyze content from multiple regions/countries
  • Monitor and analyze content in real time
  • Monitor and analyze archived content
  • Receive relevant content/clips automatically
  • Speed – be exposed to the relevant content while it happens
  • Annotate and easily share and distribute the content

AI Driven and Audio and Video analysis

  • Search on spoken words, in different languages
  • Define keywords of interest
  • Automatic keywords detection, alerts and clipping
  • Face recognition
  • Alerts based on face detection
  • Automatic clips creation based on AI and relevant topics
  • Automatic content and campaigns detection and repots
  • Integration of any AI is available

Political Monitoring from Anywhere

Political Monitoring from Any Browser/Workstation

Political Monitoring Anytime

Easily Find and Share Relevant Content

  • Add any metadata and annotations
  • Smart search engine
  • Easily share clips and information to relevant parties
  • Simple, cost-effective, fast distribution: all in one
  • Avoid expensive and cumbersome editing systems
  • User’s rights management system for maximum security

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