Intelligent Monitoring Platform
Find Relevant Content Quickly, Accurately and Cost-Effectively

Most of the information that feeds government decision-makers comes from open broadcast channels.

For defense, internal and external affairs, politicians, parliaments, and information departments, monitoring and analyzing broadcast media is an essential part of their daily routine. Media content is an important source of information and influences their decision-making. Yet, media monitoring faces a growing number of challenges: the number of channels is constantly increasing, and media content needs to be tracked in multiple regions. Many are still doing this manually, by using human resources to do the monitoring, and transcribe the content to allow searching, clipping and exporting the relevant content to the relevant parties. Actus monitoring platform offers AI (Artificial Intelligence) based workflows to easily find relevant content, in any language, making sure the information will be accessed immediately, and no relevant content will be missed. Any AI engine, both for audio and video analysis, can be integrated.

Monitor TV/Radio/Internet/Cameras etc.

Multilingual GUI

Speech-to-text, Translation – Any language

Alerts notification

Search on spoken words, Keyword alerts

Any media

Metadata, Tagging, Archiving

Automatic clipping

Ad or Program Verification

Video analysis: Content detection, face recognition, Logo detection, etc.

Intelligent Monitoring Platform


  • Monitor, record and archive TV, radio, internet, or any stream from any formant, input type and resolution
  • Monitor content from multiple locations from one User Interface
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any device (PC, Mac, mobile)
  • Compatible with all browsers, without needing to install any client
  • Simple to use interface, eliminating the need for special skills
  • Provides dynamic metadata to accompany the media, annotations, and tagging
  • Easily export and share information between parties
  • Speech-to-text engine for searching on spoken topics, any language
  • Translation of the speech and allow searching in any language
  • Advanced search engine on AI-based analysis: face recognition, logo detection, brand detection, etc.
  • Automatic content detection such as campaigns detection
  • Enables easy export of clips and data to relevant parties for sharing
  • Ensures simple, cost-effective, and fast content distribution
  • Removes the need for expensive and cumbersome editing systems
  • Provides a user rights management system for maximum security
  • Multiviewer for monitoring all the live content on a large screen, making sure no relevant content is missed

Intelligent media monitoring assures you stay on top of threats, events, or anything that requires an immediate call to action, either for political reasons, branding reason, or security reasons.

Why AI is a must in your monitoring platform?


  • Improved accuracy: AI algorithms can help to automatically transcribe spoken words in recordings with a high degree of accuracy, which can be particularly useful in situations where it is difficult for humans to understand the audio due to background noise or accent
  • Enhanced search functionality: By incorporating AI into a monitoring system, users can search for specific words or phrases within recordings and quickly locate relevant segments
  • Reduced workload: Automating transcription and search tasks using AI can help to reduce the workload of human employees, freeing them up to focus on more complex and value-added tasks
  • Increased efficiency: Using AI in a monitoring system helps to speed up processes and increase the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Improved user experience: By making it easier for users to access and search through recordings, AI can enhance the user experience and make the system more useful and user-friendly

AI is the only way to handle large monitoring volume

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