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Actus AI-driven monitoring platform utilizes the highest Speech to Text (STT) standards, ensuring efficient news monitoring that makes tracking, analysing, and understanding spoken content in any language easier. This ultimately leads to more accurate and efficient news coverage. Integrated with Actus video and audio recording features, as well as advanced clipping capabilities, news monitoring has never been so effective, fast, and efficient.

Whether you use Actus AI Media Insight as a standalone solution or as part of the Actus compliance logging and intelligent monitoring platform, it offers the only way to monitor a large volume of content quickly and effectively. With Actus, you can stay on top of all the relevant news as it happens. Whether you need to create updated news reports or stories, respond immediately to ongoing events, export clips to your social media platforms, OTT, Web, or automatically generate metadata for archiving purposes, Actus turns the content into a valuable asset for later use. Moreover, customizable filters allow you to receive only the news that is relevant to you, saving time and allowing you to focus on the stories that matter the most.

Search for Spoken Content

Audio/video alerts

Alerts on Relevant Topics

Quick clips export

Export and Share Clips, with Transcription

Automatic Clipping Based on AI/Metadata

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No Language Barriers

Actus AI Media Insight

Search for Spoken Content

Actus news monitoring offers advanced search capabilities on spoken words, providing immediate results. This contrasts with the traditional method of listening and transcribing news broadcasts, which is an extremely time-consuming process.

Keyword Alerts

Let the relevant content come to you. With Actus Keyword alerts, you can receive notifications when specific keywords or topics appear in the broadcasted news. You have the flexibility to define the keywords and topics that are of interest to you, and once the relevant content is aired, you will be promptly notified. When it comes to news, the faster you stay informed about relevant topics, the quicker you can respond and share the most relevant content.

Automatic Clipping

Actus news monitoring automatically creates relevant clips, ensuring important information is received as quickly as possible. In addition, automatic clipping can be customized to specific topics or keywords, allowing for targeted news monitoring, saving time, and increasing efficiency. It also provides a competitive advantage by enabling companies to stay up-to-date on industry news and quickly respond to and publish updated news.

No Language Barriers

Monitor content in any language! Actus AI built-in translation options eliminate the limitation of being able to monitor only news in the local language. Once the speech-to-text AI is processed, Actus will also run a translation process. This can be achieved from any language to any language. In many countries, there are television and radio channels in different languages to match the local population’s diversity. With Actus news monitoring, this limitation no longer exists, and you can monitor any content, in any language, in your preferred language.

Automatically Generate Subtitles

Using Actus Advanced clipping (Actus Clip Factory PRO), you can easily add the transcripts to the exported clips. The transcripts can be in the original broadcast language or translated into any language. This helps reach all your target audience and not having language barriers. In addition, all the transcripts and translations can be exported for future analysis and archiving.

Automatic Metadata Generation

Actus AI-driven news monitoring automatically generates the metadata for tagging, archiving, and ensuring the content can be easily retrieved and used.

Fast clips editing

Fast Results

Multilingual GUI

Search in any Language

Content repository

Accurate Results

Cost Effective

Metadata alerts

Scalability (Any Number of Channels)

More Advantages of AI Media Insight Options


Speech-to-text technology can transcribe spoken words into written text, while manual monitoring requires someone to listen to and transcribe news broadcasts, which can be time-consuming.


Speech-to-text technology has significantly improved in recent years, and the accuracy of transcriptions is much higher than it used to be. This means that news monitoring can be done more reliably.


Using speech-to-text technology for news monitoring saves time and resources. Rather than having a team of people listen to and transcribe news broadcasts, a computer application can do it automatically.


Speech-to-text technology can transcribe speech consistently and accurately without getting tired or making errors due to fatigue. Manual monitoring may be prone to errors due to human factors such as fatigue, distraction, or bias.


Speech-to-text technology can make news monitoring more accessible to people with disabilities, such as those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and who may be unable to participate in manual monitoring.


Speech-to-text technology can handle a large volume of news broadcasts simultaneously, while manual monitoring may be limited by the number of people available to listen and transcribe.


Speech-to-text technology can save manual resources and allocate them to other productive tasks.

Multilingual Support

Speech-to-text technology can transcribe speech in multiple languages, which is particularly useful for news monitoring in multilingual regions.

React Quickly to Actual News and Events, Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Actus AI-driven news monitoring provides invaluable advantages of getting real-time updates on breaking news and news stories, scanning and analyzing a vast amount of news channels, and getting a comprehensive overview of what’s happening across multiple channels without manually checking each source.

Complete Workflow with Actus Clip Factory PRO (CF PRO)

Integrated with Actus CF Pro, your news monitoring workflow is complete. CF PRO provides advanced clipping options, metadata, graphics, and direct export options to your social media/OTT/Catchup TV.

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