One of the largest Asian telecommunications conglomerates, offering an extensive range of services including fixed broadband, mobile telephony, digital services, and pay television, required a robust solution capable of integrating compliance logging with an automated Video-On-Demand (VOD) workflow within a single platform.


The conglomerate aimed to achieve:

  1. Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring: A turnkey IP/TS/SDI compliance logging and technical monitoring, including TS Analysis, TS Native recording and As Run integration from their playout system.
  2. Scalability: Easily accommodate the expansion of channels and integration of additional sites.
  3. Comply with regulatory requirements and beyond: Support all regulatory requirements such as loudness management, Closed Caption (CC)/subtitles monitoring, multiple audio tracks, SCTE monitoring, and technical alerts for audio/video/missing metadata issues (including SNMP traps). Additionally, advanced capabilities beyond compliance were needed, including advanced clipping and metadata options, ad detection, and a multiviewer with an interactive penalty box
  4. Automatic VOD Workflow: The integrated solution needed to leverage compliance and native TS recording to quickly and efficiently create clips for their VOD platform.

Solution Implementation:

After evaluating various options, Magna Systems and Actus Digital were selected for the implementation of the Actus Digital monitoring system. Besides the Actus monitoring platform’s reliability, scalability, and excellent support, Actus was chosen for its solutions that go beyond compliance and technical monitoring. Through Actus Digital’s Rest API for advanced clipping and customized XML integration, the system facilitated quick, effective, and automatic clip creation, reducing manual work and accelerating content availability on the VOD platform. Utilizing the same platform for compliance logging, technical monitoring, and generating clips for the VOD platform proved to be cost-effective, benefited from integrated solutions, and provided a single point of contact for the conglomerate.


The solution was successfully deployed across two sites. Initially monitoring a total of 226 channels, with provisions to expand to additional sites and channels as required. Magna Systems played a pivotal role in the project, offering vital contributions through demonstrations, proof of concepts, gathering requirements, installation, configuration, and training. Consolidating all compliance requirements, technical monitoring, and automated clipping workflows for the VOD platform into an “all in one” monitoring platform proved to be cost-effective and eliminated the need for separate systems, showcasing the conglomerate’s commitment to efficiency and innovation.