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Monitor your OTT streams in real-time, to resolve video playback issues, buffering rates and gain insights from user engagement data, to create a seamless Quality of Experience for the end-user.

Gain insights into your OTT stream with Actus monitoring service

Over the past few years, there has been an explosive growth in online streaming (think Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, HBO + and even YouTube Live) versus traditional cable, broadcast, or satellite services. As a result, the global over- the-top (OTT) services market keeps growing.

Unlike compliance logging, which is a mandatory requirement, OTT monitoring is designed for a different reason. OTT streams go through a few distribution nodes in different bitrates (MBR) until the point the content is being consumed by the end-user through their device (laptop, desktop, mobile or smart TV/set-top box). The stream owners have minimal insights into the viewers’ quality of experience.

OTT Quality of Experience & Quality of Stream Monitoring Fundamental to End-user Engagement

Actus OTT monitoring solution brings the entire monitoring process into a single user interface where engineers can visually see all related data from encoding to distribution with simplicity and clarity to locate any issues with the streaming experience for the end user.

Our OTT software  includes a one-stop control center, monitoring all renditions within variable bitrate (VBR) and adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams. In addition to a live view of each of the various resolutions and bitrates, it provides Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) assessment, transport statistics, current and historic evaluations, alarm status, SCTE event tracking (showing actual SCTE message detail), and a list of Ad-insert opportunities with alert notifications.

OTT Monitoring

How Actus Meets the OTT Monitoring Challenges

Traditionally, network operation centre (NOC) engineers have no way to know about the quality of their live video streams received by their OTT viewers until they get complaints or they have to rely on the statistics provided by their CDN that they are meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLA) requirements. Both these are not ideal and result in loss of quality of stream and service for the end user (creating subscriber churn – the biggest issue within the OTT stream business model)

To provide robust and successful streaming services, content operators must monitor their OTT streams.

Real-time Live Stream OTT & HLS Monitoring

Actus OTT monitoring provides tremendous value with in-depth QoE, and QoS HTTP Live Stream (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) assessment of all renditions returned from various nodes throughout the distribution chain on their way to viewers, including source, encoders/decoders, and multiple CDN returns… at several geographical locations.

Operators monitor the performance, and technical aspects of the HLS stream live through a rich dashboard, and if any problems are discovered, the solution will alert engineers to issues that genuinely impact the viewers’ experience… without overloading them with details that do not impact quality.

Actus OTT video and live stream monitoring primarily involves monitoring the status of all key elements in the pipeline, starting with the media source, encoders, decoders, output of Content Distribution Network (CDN), etc. It provides an overall status on the OTT streams, including SCTE status, Advertisements, Quality of Service (, Transport Statistics, and downloads.

Our monitoring solution monitors and alerts on problems for all HLS renditions through several geographical locations. The over-the-top monitoring system inspects the HLS delivery at the HTTP level, the Manifest level up to the content level. There is no need to record every rendition to provide the data.

Through a rich dashboard, operators can watch, in real time, the performance and technical aspects of the HLS stream to ensure the OTT live stream quality is maintained throughout the broadcasting.

OTT Monitoring and SCTE

OTT Monitoring and Compliance Logging – In One Software Platform

These OTT monitoring benefits are added to Actus Digital’s already comprehensive features for quality alerting, compliance logging, multiviewer, and aircheck recording. They further condense tools needed by Engineers and enable them to do their jobs better and easier than ever before. All of this in one platform that combines all input formats, at multiple points in the video distribution chain, for broadcast IP, SDI, ASI, 2110, etc., and OTT (HLS, etc.) content.

The Actus all-in-one solution has the highest streams and channels density to save hardware costs.

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