Track and Analyze the Media:
Anytime, Anywhere

Radio, TV, and Internet Broadcast Monitoring for Media Regulators

Although many broadcasters must record their content as a regulatory requirement, regulators should not solely rely on those recordings. Regulators need to analyze the content, find content violations and quality of service issues, supervise the ads aired to ensure the proper time and rules, and respond to complaints.

None of these tasks can be done without immediate access to all of the media. Actus Logger and media intelligent platform is the solution.

Unique features include the ability to:

  • Track and monitor all content, including TV, radio, and internet
  • Analyze the audio with speech to text, including the option to search for spoken words, define keywords, and receive keywords alerts
  • Analyze the video with face recognition for political monitoring. Content providers can determine how long a certain politician appeared on the screen versus another or if there were any violations
  • Scale the system, with flexibility for additional options, channels, and new inputs
  • Easily use the interface, since the solution supports any browser and is user friendly
  • Perform advanced searching capabilities, content tagging, and metadata
  • Implement advanced clipping workflows and content sharing
  • Automate the workflow to save human resources, respond faster, and ensure no event is missed
  • Automatically detect ads and find violations
  • Generate customized reports

Any Media

TV, Radio and Internet

Central Monitoring

Monitor media content from multiple locations, multiviewer

AI for Audio/Video Analysis

Speech to text, face recognition, logo detection, and more

Fast Navigation

Smart searching and content sharing

Dynamic Metadata

Annotations and content

Smart Alerts and AI-based Searching

Do not miss any content

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