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Actus Digital provides the industry’s most intelligent broadcast media platform for:

Actus Digital’s broadcast recording platform complies with all of the TV regulatory requirements, including the FCC (loudness and closed caption regulations).

Our clips creation platform provides a completely automated workflow for live clips creation, including ingest, editing, dynamic metadata, transcoding, and exporting to social media, OTT, or any other platform. The solution is simple to use, cost-effective, and allows you to monitor and edit multiple streams at the same time.

Actus Digital’s intelligent monitoring platform also includes automatic content and ad tracking and integration of ratings information for better competitive analysis.


Actus Digital is a world leader in broadcast monitoring, content analysis, content repurposing, and content verification. Actus Digital’s key operations and market segments worldwide include broadcasters, content owners, national regulators, media operators (cable, satellite, and playout), media monitoring and analysis agencies, internet and telephony content providers, and private security and monitoring services.


Actus Digital is an innovative, market-driven company focused on developing and enhancing its solutions. We pride ourselves on supporting the ongoing and future requirements of the media industry. Our future-forward thinking is the reason why early technology adopters place their trust in Actus Digital, knowing we will always comply with new requirements dictated by the market.


Actus customers are well-known media and broadcast companies in the industry; hundreds of customers from 5 continents.

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