Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) - Troubleshoot hundreds of channels from hundreds of geographically locations from a single interface

Introducing Actus RVM (Remote Video Monitoring) 

MVPDs (Multichannel Video Programing Distributors) provide a growing array of linear and on-demand programming with targeted advertisements and interactive video services. They distribute their programming via a complex network of headends and hub sites to customers using a range of devices and STBs (Set Top Boxes).

An assortment of quality assurance tools are available and usually deployed by MVPDs to provide data and statistics but those don’t show them what their customers are viewing Post-STB.

The Actus Digital RVM (Remote Video Monitoring) solution allows MVPDs to see what their viewers see and maximize customer QoS, as well as verify ad placements and services, in a surprisingly affordable way.

Organized Post-STB Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

The Actus RVM interface enables access to hundreds of channels from hundreds of geographically dispersed locations, to troubleshoot real-time video issues, and verify local ads are inserted and timed correctly and services are running properly.

Dial in to view any channel from any location and remotely share the customer post-STB viewing experience.

When Actus RVM is deployed for multiple channels and/or in multiple locations, Actus Synchro provides remote browser-based multiviewers that can quickly pull up the same channel from many locations to see how widespread an issue is… or it can pull up one channel from many probe points to pinpoint where the issue entered the video distribution workflow.

24×7 proactive monitoring and recording with alerts for channels that violate user-set parameters for acceptable quality allow operators to identify problems before customers do, troubleshoot them, and remedy them quickly… to reduce costly truck rolls.

The Actus RVM system organizes access to remote STBs for investigating one channel at a time or can provide multiviewer-monitoring, QoS-alerting, aircheck-recording, and compliance-logging for higher-value channels or the entire channel lineup.

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of video services

Monitoring of High-Value Events

Ad or Program Verification

Troubleshooting video services real-time

Troubleshooting chronic problems

Providing visibility of MPEG impairments

Comparing Content from Ingest to the Edge

Key Benefits an Key Features

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Monitor High-Value Events
  • Assurance of all video services
  • Real knowledge of customer experience
  • Improved troubled shooting time
  • Enhanced customers’ retention
  • Proactive Monitoring of targeted Ad placements
  • Ad or Program Verification
  • Real-time troubleshooting
  • Chronic troubleshooting
  • Providing visibility of MPEG impairments
  • Comparing content from ingest through the edge
  • Post-STB monitoring, logging & troubleshooting
  • SD and HD via HDMI
  • Real-time troubleshooting
  • 24×7 A/V recording for 7 days
  • LAN/WAN Video Streaming – live or recorded
  • Remote control integration with IR based remote control
  • Efficient 1U design
  • Custom thresholds with SNMP/email alerting

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