Rating and competitive analysis –
better program planning and increased revenues

Actus Rating Analyzer – Truly Understand Content Rating Relations

Actus Rating Analyzer provides efficient rating analysis tools and a clear graphical view of all rating information, along with the actual broadcast media. The rating and demographic data display provides an easy, at-a-glance information based on the numbers and charts received from rating and audience measurement companies such as Nielsen, Kantar, TNS, AGB, BARC, IBOPE and GFKGallup. The result is a far more accurate analysis of the ratings, leading to better program planning, ad placement, and program scheduling. This approach helps you to significantly increase revenues and enable better positioning versus your competition. 
Actus Rating Analyzer simplifies the way you compare rating with your competition.

Analyze Audience and Demographics Viewership and Trends

Actus Rating Analyzer allows you to understand :


  • the viewing trends of different demographics groups
  • what kind of content brings in higher ratings, what content each demographic prefers
  • how effective your ads were
  • how many viewers were watching a specific program
  • why viewers switched to other channels, and
  • why you lost viewers to the competition

Advanced Rating Options – Customize Your Analysis

With Actus Rating Analyzer you can configure the rating graph, demographics, and videos, depending on the specific analysis: it can be configured for competitive analysis, specific program rating analysis, or any combination.
The graphs are interactive and include zoom options, allowing you to easily share critical information with key people.
  • Visualize your rating data with the actual aired content
  • Interact with the information for more effective rating analysis
  • Improve program planning and scheduling
  • Increase your ad revenues
  • Attain instant visibility of your rating, with fast response

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