Automatic Ad Detection - Maximize Ad Revenues
AI is Key to Driving Workflow Efficiencies

Efficiently analyze your ads revenues versus competitors

Audio and video content detection

The task of verifying whether commercials were aired or not is becoming increasingly complex due to the need to search within a growing number of TV and Radio channels. Manual operation is time consuming, subject to errors and costly.

Based on advanced fingerprinting technology, Actus AdWatch is a complete workflow for automatic audio and video content detection, including advertisements and promos. AdWatch is the optimal solution for ads verification, creating affidavits and compliance with visual proofing, increasing your ads sales, and performing competitive ad analysis. Combined with the Actus Multiviewer software, it offers a powerful solution for monitoring multiple channels simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accuracy
AdWatch does not require any advance watermarking of the feeds and can also be used to detect content that is aired on channels without the content rights. 


Audio/video fingerprinting with 99% accuracy 


Customized metadata for the detected content


Automatic detection of ads


Powerful Report Generator – per channel, spot, brand, campaign, and more

Automatic Detection of New Commercials- With No Prior Fingerprinting

 AdWatch includes automatic potential ad spotting technology to ensure outstanding efficiency. This innovative technology automates the process of finding new, undetected ads, keeping your system constantly up to date and offering complete control over the current ad campaign.

ads detection

Actus Adwatch used for Anti-Piracy 

Unauthorized copying and distributing of content are massive revenue losses for any content owner. Different methods to protect your content are expensive and time-consuming. Actus Adwatch for automatic content detection can detect if your content was aired on a selected list of TV channels and websites. The system will run automatically and provide an alert each time your content is aired on unauthorized channels. Reports will be created, including a visual proof for each such detection. Adwatch delivers a cost-effective solution to prevent anti-piracy and eliminate revenue loss.

Metadata management

AdWatch is delivered with a complete database powered by Oracle, and is customized to your needs.
Specific fields can be easily added, depending on the profile of the users (i.e., broadcaster, media agency, regulator, and political party).

Additional features:

  • AdWatch scans previously recorded material retroactively to make sure no content is undetected
  • AdWatch separates detections with 100% matching from those with medium or low matching (such as a shorter version of the same ad)
  • AdWatch produces ads affidavits reports for advertising (traffic) aired
  • AdWatch automates competitors ads monitoring
  • AdWatch generates ads reports based on both fingerprinting and as-run log files integration
  • AdWatch monitors local and remote media campaigns, providing a centralized solution

Media companies are dealing with an increasing amount of content and data. Being able to quickly analyze the content and find relevant content is critical.

Actus AI is a solution for speeding up workflows, allowing content providers to automatically tag, organize, and categorize video recordings, search for spoken words and more. Our AI solution enables rapid retrieval of relevant content and clips creation for social media, OTT and the web. With AI, processes that used to require hours of manual labor are now completely instantaneous.
AI improves the workflow efficiency and response time and allows fast content turnaround and clips export for increasing the viewers’ engagement and build the brand visibility.

Actus AI provides intelligent real time content monitoring and searching that goes beyond searching by channel name, date/time, extracted metadata (i.e. as run/EPG, closed captions, etc).

AI Key Benefits:

  • Audio and Video analysis, beyond technical analysis
  • Ability to search for spoken words and texts on the video
  • Keywords detection and alerts
  • Facial recognition
  • Automatic alerts
  • Automatic ads and content detection
  • Automated clips automation to enable fast turnaround

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