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Actus Digital Monitoring Platform

Beyond Compliance Logging – Intelligent Monitoring Platform

Broadcast Compliance


Broadcast compliance logging for all mandatory requirements

OTT Monitoring

(OTT StreamWatch)

OTT Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring


Troubleshoot post-STB QoS and perform Ad verification



Live monitoring, alerts, TS analysis, Loudness, SCTE, etc.

Technical Monitoring

(Alert Center)

TS analysis ETR 101-290, real time A/V alerts

Advanced Clipping
(Clip Factory PRO)

Edit and export clips to social media/Web, Content Monetization

Automatic Ad Detection (AdWatch)

Automatic Ad Detection, Speech to Text, Face Recognition, Logo, and Brand Detection

AI Workflows

(News Monitoring)

News Monitoring – Stay Informed, Stay Empowered

Rating Analysis

(Rating Analyzer)

Efficient audience measurement and competition analysis

Why Choose Actus Digital?

Thought Leaders

Leads the Market in Monitoring Platforms

Global Offices

USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia


Video technologies experts since 2005

Our Innovation

Latest technologies, most advanced features

Best support

Global, 24/7, with over 80 partners networks


Support any deployment: on-premises, VM, cloud, and hybrid

Cost Effective

Pay only for what you need, add more features later

Media Intelligence Platform

Beyond Compliance

Content Monetization, Video/Audio Analysis, Content Detection, AI, Automatic Workflows
Actus Digital’s platform is pushing the boundaries of compliance beyond regulatory requirements. Our solution supports multiple departments from a single platform, adding quick ROI and monetization.

Trusted By Leading Brands

Is your compliance system such as Volicon Observer, Axon Tracks or LogDepot end of life or outdated?

Options for End of life and outdated compliance systems

Any Model

On premises


Virtual machines


Case study

World’s largest monitoring

system installation

To read about the implementation of the largest monitoring system for compliance, clipping workflow, ads detection, speech to text and more, please click here.

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Enhancing Broadcast Compliance Logging with SMPTE ST 2110, Advanced Social Media Clipping, Multiviewer, and a Robust Backup Solution

Enhancing Broadcast Compliance Logging with SMPTE ST 2110, Advanced Social Media Clipping, Multiviewer, and a Robust Backup Solution

In today’s fast-paced broadcast environment, maintaining compliance and efficiency is not just a necessity but a critical component of success. This is where our advanced compliance logging solution comes into play, offering an integrated approach with SMPTE ST 2110 inputs, advanced social media clipping, a comprehensive multiviewer, and a reliable backup option.

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