Boston, MA — May 07, 2024 — Following a successful NAB Las Vegas 2024 and winning a Best of Show Award, Actus Digital, a leading provider of Intelligent Monitoring Platforms, will bring its cutting-edge technology to CABSAT in Dubai and Broadcast Asia in Singapore later this month.

Actus Digital will showcase its suite of six versatile products. These include compliance logging/quality monitoring, Clip Factory Pro for advanced clipping and content repurposing, OTT StreamWatch for OTT Monitoring, and Actus RVM for remote post-STB monitoring.  Additionally, Actus will present its award-winning Actus MV, a powerful interactive multiviewer, with an updated penalty box for error by exception, and Actus AI driven Media Insight. The Actus platform is flexible, and each product is available as a standalone feature or can be combined with any other as they’re deployed on-premises, virtual machine (VM) or SaaS implementation.

Besides the latest version of the monitoring platform, which includes new features and improvements on each product, the main new developments being showcased will be Actus MV and Actus AI.

Actus MV – Dynamic multiviewer and an interactive penalty box

Actus MV sets a new standard in multi-view monitoring, with features like a penalty box (error by exception) with video rewind and unparalleled visibility into audio/video issues, complemented by advanced analysis widgets for comprehensive quality of service (QoS) monitoring. The Actus MV supports any number of layouts along with any number of viewing heads, all from a software and browser-based solution that easily provides local monitoring and centralized NOC/TOC viewing from anywhere. As Actus Digital CEO Sima Levy states, “When combined with Actus Compliance Logging, our customers benefit from the advantages of an integrated system, while also ensuring their solution is cost effective with a minimum hardware investment.”

Actus AI – AI-driven video/audio media insights  

Actus AI revolutionizes content research with AI-driven audio and video analysis. By leveraging Actus’ recording, monitoring, and clipping capabilities with its advanced AI processes (such as transcription, translation, summarization, key topics, sentiment detection, facial recognition, and more); Actus AI provides valuable content insights automatically, making the process more efficient, accurate and most importantly quick – often saving hours or even days between content collection and receiving the analysis results.

Actus’ Intelligent Monitoring Platform provides enhancements and solutions so diverse that different customer types can each tailor the solution to their specific needs. This includes broadcast engineers seeking comprehensive compliance logging and technical monitoring capabilities enhanced by the updated Actus MV. Additionally, digital media producers benefit from an advanced, cost-effective, and user-friendly clipping workflow for social media, as well as OTT/VOD content creation. Moreover, governments and news agencies gain access to advanced AI options with Actus AI-driven Media Insight for streamlined topic search, alerts on relevant news mentions, and the ability to search in any language. Media regulators find robust tools to ensure broadcasters adhere to regulatory standards with immediate notifications of any issues.

Levy emphasizes the importance of participating in these shows, stating, “We’re proud each time we have the opportunity to share our monitoring platform. It goes beyond compliance recording and technical monitoring to leverage many powerful features for automatic metadata generation, AI-driven content analysis, and other integrated solutions that never existed before as part of monitoring platforms.  Being a global company, events like CABSAT and Broadcast Asia allow us to connect with our customers and colleagues in those regions and present our innovative solutions.”

Actus is exhibiting in Dubai at CABSAT 2024 in booth S1-F25 between May 21-23 and in Singapore at Broadcast Asia in booth 6G2-4 between May 29-31.