Actus Digital is the global leader in end-to-end intelligent monitoring platform. Our suite includes six versatile products, each capable of operating independently or being seamlessly integrated. These offerings encompass compliance logging and technical QA monitoring, a software/browser-based multiviewer, sophisticated clip editing with export capabilities to social media, OTT, VOD, and Catchup TV. Additionally, we offer advanced OTT monitoring and AI-based workflows. These AI-driven features include automatic ad detection, transcription, translation, summarization, face recognition, and more, setting a new media monitoring and content management standard. We also offer a cutting-edge Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) solution, delivering post-Set-Top-Box Quality of Experience at unlimited remote sites through remote STB control, redefining standards in media monitoring and content management.

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    The Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform

    An affordable solution for OTA and/or OTT QA Alerting, Confidence Recording, Compliance Logging with and Multiviewer with advanced clipping for content re-purposing to Air, VoD, or Social and many optional advanced use-cases such as AI-based workflows for automatic ad detection for lead generation, speech-to-text with key-word alerts, and much more.

    Actus Tools for Engineers:

    Confidence Recording: Reliable 24×7 air-check recording from any combination of OTA/OTT/IP/baseband inputs
    Compliance Logging: CC and Loudness violation alerting, logging, and exporting, with proof-of-airing EAS and more
    OTT Monitoring: New Actus OTT features extend value to linear FAST/IP channels and TV station’ OTT simulcast
    Multiviewers: Unlimited, easily-customizable, lowest-latency, OTA/OTT, browser-based multiviewers across many probe points

    Test and Measurement: QoE alerts on A/V high/low/freeze/loss with TS and HLS analysis, SCTE verification, w/third party T&M integration
    Detect with Synchro: Quickly identify issue origin anywhere in distribution chain through to OTA, Cable, and all OTT renditions
    Tra­ffic Integration: EPG plus Play-List/As-Run integration for quick ad-verification, discrepancy reports, and Make-Good notification
    Collaborate/Clip: Clip live or search by date, Captions, Traffic metadata, then bookmark, tag, and share in library or export and send

      Optional Tools Beyond Engineering:

      News/Programming: Competitive analysis w/ratings graphs next to video, competitor keyword alerts, and bookmarks for collaboration
      Station Sales: Prioritized local-market sales leads generated daily/weekly via AdWatch content-matching and advanced reporting
      Production/Digital: Advanced editing w/Graphics, Pre/Post-Rolls and publishing back to air or transcoding for Social/VoD/OTT
      Archive/Research: Automation of clipping original-quality, metadata-rich, video to feed existing MAMs or Actus asset catalog
      Extended MAM: Integrate with AV AI for speech-to-text transcription and translation, face-recognition, brand/scene detection, etc.


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