Actus – Media Intelligence Platform and Broadcast Compliance Logger

Every broadcaster, media operator or media agency would need to have as many of its’ media requirements answered by one web-based media monitoring platform, available from anywhere, anytime. Such requirements are an off-air broadcast recording solution, compliance logging, monitoring relevant TV channels, track competitors’ channels for competitive analysis, analyze rating fast and efficiently, create clips for content re-purposing, sharing and exporting track ads automatically for ads verification and to be able to comply with regulators such as the FCC requirements.

Actus broadcast recording platform will provide the following set of applications: 

Actus View – Record any number of TV/Radio channels, 24 x 7,  for Live or Archived content monitoring

Actus Rating Analyzer – analyze what content brings the highest number of viewers

Actus Clip Factory – Clips creation for content re-purposing for OTT and sharing

Actus Adwatch – Track on air ads automatically for competitive analysis, ads verification,  validate ad placement or regulatory purposes

Actus Alerts Center – Monitor broadcast quality and verification: real-time alerts for audio and video issues

Actus’ solutions are targeted to broadcasters, cable, satellite and IPTV providers,  media agencies, play out centers and governmental parties.

The Broadcast Industry Relies on Actus’ Proven Technology

BSkyB, Fox channels, Star, Singapore government, Sony, Disney, Encompass, CNBC, Singtel, Starhub, AMC Networks, Turkcell, Sky channels, Airtel, Zee TV, NDTV, Sahara, Dish, CME Group, and RTL are just a few of the customers who rely on Actus solutions. 

Actus View — Professional Web-Based Broadcast Video logging and Compliance Monitoring System

Record, Monitor and Retrieve the Media You Need. Fast. Easy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Actus View provides complete control over your broadcast media. A user friendly web-based user interface allows to record any number of channels, from any input, and access broadcast media immediately, create clips or send the media to any editing and MAM system, for speeding up the workflow and have your content available on any platform at minimum time.

●      Multichannel View, Live or Archived, with various display modes

●      VTR playback with controls for play, pause, stop, and multi-speed fast-forward and rewind.

●      Turnkey hardware/software combination means you are up and running immediately

●      Record from any input and at any bitrate (SD/HD SDI, ASI, IP, ASTC, DVB-T/T2 Composite), in both PAL or NTSC

●      Record Transport Stream (TS), also saving the TS in its original format (“as-is”)

●      Record multiple audio and multiple subtitles (Closed Captions, DVB, Teletext, Imitext, etc.)

●      Automatic extraction of the Program Guide (EPG) from Transport Stream / DVB.

●      Save the media in any bitrate required: from low up to full HD

●      Unlimited retention period with Multi bit-rate support 

Transport Stream recording 

Complete support of transport streams (ASI/IP/DVB) logging, including recording multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles. This enables the ability to seamlessly export and stream MPEG TS or low-resolution proxies with the relevant audio and/or subtitles.

No additional hardware or third-party support required

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Actus Rating Analyzer — Truly Analyze Content-Rating Relationships 

The need to analyze your rating, monitor your competing channels and analyze their rating, is a must have. The analysis has to be done fast, efficiently, and not contain only rating data but also integrate this data to the actual visuals. 

Actus Rating Analyzer enhances your rating analysis process by synchronizing the actual media with your rating information. By monitoring the different channels and the ratings at the same time broadcasters can make better game-changing decisions that will help to increase the rating.

There is no need to review Excel files or any other rating forms All the information you need is visualized right in front of you, with the videos. Easy.. Fast. Accessible.

Compare Multiple Channels

Whether its competition follow-up or your own viewers’ watching trends you are after, Actus Rating Analyzer will make your work a breeze with its multi-screen rating display.

Share Rating Information

Actus Rating Analyzer is also an excellent presentation tool. Web-based technology means you can share from anywhere your insights with your customers, content crew, marketing team, editors, and management.

Keeps Track of All Rating Details

Additional information that comes with the rating can be displayed in Actus Rating Analyzer: different viewers’ age group, different geographic locations, and even the rating information of two or more rating providers.

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Actus AdWatch — Automatic Content Detection & Ads Tracking:

Reduce Your Operational Cost for Ads Detection while increasing your revenues 

A flexible platform for  tracking Ad spots automatically for commercial and verification purposes, either on local channels or by remote affiliates. AdWatch also offers unique ability to detect new advertisements spots automatically. 

Every Ad Instance Is Reported with High Accuracy and Reliability!

Simple to use, can be operated by a single person
Create fingerprints from an external file or directly from broadcast
Accurate results, with accuracy level indicator and fine-tune capabilities
Visual proofing for all reports
Easily find missing ads and quickly add them to your list of markers
Saves repetitive manual work. 

Make Sure Ads Are Broadcasted Correctly

AdWatch keeps track of hundreds of ads running on an unlimited number of channels. Actus sends a real-time notification every time your commercial runs on any channel.

Simple-to-use reporting tools

  • Filter and publish reports according to any parameter
  • Make sure ad duration is accurate

Monitor Ad Campaigns Locally or at Remote Locations

Receive actual proofing and footage even from remote channels, also supports “disconnected model” for full reliability even when bandwidth is not 100% guaranteed. 

The Ultimate Verification Tool for Everyone

AdWatch is the ideal solution for the verification of purchased media, election monitoring, broadcasters’ marketing and operations departments; research firms, academic institutes, and media agencies.

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Actus Clip Factory — Your platform for Content re-purposing: Clips Creation, Transcoding, Exporting, Sharing

In today’s world, every content owner needs to deliver the content to multiple platforms, as fast as possible. Whether the content needs to be delivered to the web, mobile or social media platforms, it has to be done fast, accurate, and as much as possible automated. With an efficient workflow you can create any clip, in any profile,  with the relevant subtitles, audio, closed caption, and distribute the content to any location: website, YouTube, FTP, etc.

●     Easy mark-in mark-out and edit tools for multiple segments to create frame accurate clips.

●     Integrated transcoding engine to any format to ensure your repurposed media can be shared with a wide audience and distributed to just about any platform

●     Create clips or send the media to any editing and MAM system


Cut, Export, Distribute and Share

Media is a valuable asset…but only when there’s an easy way to use it. Actus View provides you with the capabilities to fully leverage and monetize broadcast content. Fully integrated, simple-to-use production tools let users cut and assemble media items quickly. The format conversion engine ensures that repurposed media can be easily shared with others, whether they’re in your organization or not.

●      Fully integrated, powerful transcoding engine

●      Change export format, quality, and size on the fly

●      Support all industry-standard file formats: MPEG4, MPEG2, AVI, FLV, QT, RM, and more

●      Upload repurposed media items directly to FTP or YouTube, or download to any client PC

●      Add a Timestamp Overlay, or a Logo, to your extracted segments.

Create Value by Creating an Asset

By combining simple-to-use production tools with metadata and annotation tracking capabilities, Actus Clip Factory turns your media into a valuable asset.

·         Create a repository of clips with all associated metadata

·         Clips created can be retained for an unlimited period, until deleted

·         Setup pre-defined profiles for parameters such as Bitrate, Resolution and Overlay. 

Find the Media You Are Looking For. Fast. Accurate.

When Actus Clip Factory is enabled on your system, all the textual information that is available in the system — such as clips metadata, annotations, EPG, As-Run Log, embedded subtitles, or closed captions and more — is indexed in our database and can be searched, just as you would search in Google. Results are immediate. Finding media assets was never easier.

Clip Factory is the one-stop-shop solution helping you to automatically prepare content for a variety of new and emerging media platforms: VOD, Catch-Up TV, Web TV, and mobile applications. Clip Factory serves the entire value chain and can be fully automated.

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Actus AlertCenter— Always Know the Quality of Your Broadcast

Any content provider needs to have the assurance that the aired content quality reaches the target with the highest quality.

Actus Technical Monitoring continually performs quality checks. If a problem is detected — such as loss of audio or video signal, loudness deviation monitoring, frozen picture,  or any other nuance — Actus Technical Monitoring will send a real time alert, allowing administrators to be aware and solve the problems immediately and optimize their transmissions. 

●      Automated media performance monitoring

●      Configurable, real-time alerts: SMTP, email, or SMS

●      Daily logs for system administrators

Actus Remote — Remote Broadcast Verification & Monitoring With Actus Remote

Broadcasters and operators are airing their content not necessarily from one location. In these cases, where the content is aired from different geographical locations, the need for a system that will monitor each location and verify the content, ads and quality of the content, is essential. Actus Remote is the solution: recording the channels in location, while accessing all the channels can be done from one central location. This simplifies 

the infrastructure for managing multiple locations,  reducing the need for multiple systems, servers and databases.

The Actus Remote incorporates protocols to manage disconnections and line quality issues  Actus transfers all encoded chunks (short video files) from the ActusRemote Probe into the ActusRemote central server via FTP, maximizing speeds against available bandwidth.

Loudness Monitoring

Avoid costly legislative penalties and better handle viewer complaints with this fully compliant feature.

●      Offers measurement to the ITU BS.1770-1 and BS.1770-2 standard

●      Provides compliance with US CALM Act, ATSC A/85 Practice, EBU loudness monitoring

The Loudness module allows operators to maintain continuous measurements that identify program loudness and loudness range. Loudness measurements combined with robust logging allow users to quickly review the status and provide continuous, exportable measurements as proof of compliance and to defend against loudness complaints. The powerful combination of loudness measurement and logging easily demonstrates compliance with loudness standards.

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