Broadcast compliance and media monitoring intelligent platform

Clip Factory

Clips creation for OTT, social, web portals

View Native

TS Native recording and monitoring


Ads detection for ads verification and content monitoring

Rating Analyzer

Rating and competitive analysis

Alert Center

Video/Audio quality assurance


Multi viewer


Loudness monitoring and compliance 

Media Intelligence Platform and Broadcast Compliance Logger

Every broadcaster, media operator or media agency would need to have as many of its’ media requirements answered by one web-based media monitoring platform, available from anywhere, anytime. Such requirements are an off-air broadcast recording solution, compliance logging, monitoring relevant TV channels, track competitors’ channels for competitive analysis, analyze rating fast and efficiently, create clips for content re-purposing, sharing and exporting track ads automatically for ads verification and to be able to comply with regulators such as the FCC requirements.

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RTS chooses Actus Digital for broadcast live clipping

As part of a modernization process, RTS wished to establish a more innovative, efficient and friendly content management system. Actus Digital was selected as the platform that records RTS channels and provides a web-based interface for monitoring the content as well as for editing clips, add metadata and export the clips.

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TOT completes installation of Phase II Actus system

TOT is one of the two main telecom companies of Thailand. Its history dates back to 1954 with fixed line telephone, it evolved through mobile telephony and recently add multimedia and content services. TOT is also a network operator. TOT's search for a multimedia...

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