Broadcast Compliance Recording and Monitoring System


Broadcasters must ensure their aired content is logged and available online in order to comply with regulatory requirements, and also to easily export content. Actus broadcast logging records the content 24 x 7, archives it and enables simultaneous users to monitor the live or archived content. A simple user interface allows the users to monitor the content, search, create and share clips quickly and effectively.

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  • TV compliance – complies with all the regulatory requirements, such as the FCC, in one platform
  • Web based broadcast logger – no client installation is needed, access from anywhere
  • Broadcast monitoring – monitor the competition from the same platform
  • Verify the quality of your content
  • Easily share content
  • Broadcast logger – works from different devices: PC, MAC, iPads, smartphones



Monitor channels at the same time: live, archived, or any combination.

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Archive, Review, Search
Nowadays the content needs to be saved in maximum quality and for a longer period, often for re-purposing. Actus broadcast logger includes a scalable archive that can use any storage: local, central, NAS, SAN or Cloud. Simultaneous users can access the archive, monitor the content, create, edit and export clips. Actus Log Server can contain the media in both low and high res quality; the users can work on the low resolution, to save bandwidth, and be able to work from remote sites, while the clips will be created from the high res copy.

Quick Export and share
Actus View includes the Quick-Export module for easy clips creation. It allows mark-in and mark-out of a segment, selection of any resolution, bitrate and file format for export, and a choice of several destinations such as FTP, Network share or Catalog. From the catalog any clip can be searched, downloaded or sent via E-mail.
Quick-Export does not include advanced features such as special effects (Blur, Mute, Logo insertion, Pre/Post roll) or automation (API, XML hot folder). If more advanced clips features are required please refer to Actus Clip-Factory.

Loudness Monitoring
The Actus Loudness module lets operators maintain continuous measurements, which identifies program loudness and loudness range. The Loudness measurements, combined with the robust broadcast logging, allow users to quickly review the status and provide continuous, exportable measurements as proof of compliance and to defend against loudness complaints.  

Closed caption/SCTE/DVB-Subtitles/Teletext/Multiple audio tracks
Recording of DVB subtitles, closed caption or teletext and being able to monitor them is a requirement of the broadcasters in order to comply with regulation and maintain quality of service. Actus View extracts this data, allows searching on it and includes it as part of the clip creation process.

EPG/As Run log integration
Integration with any EPG or As run Log from any automation system provides alternative tools for searching and finding specific content. These files can be automatically loaded into the system, manually loaded or taken from the internet. It allows playing or clipping of the relevant content directly from the EPG or As Run Log. Automatic import of common as-run logs simplifies finding content for ad verification and compliance purposes.

Active directory integration
Active Directory (AD) integration allows users to log in a single time on the AD server, thereby eliminating the need for multiple logins across multiple servers. Once logged into the AD server, the user is logged in with the same credentials set by the administrator.

Transport Stream Native recording
In some scenarios, the TS also has to be recorded and saved in its native format. This is helpful for monitoring the TS quality, to save CPU resources and be able to monitor all the TS services. Read more about Transport Stream Native recording.

Key Features:

  • High-quality broadcast off-air recording system (TS Native logger, SDI recorder, ASI logger, etc)
  • Compliance logger – complies with media regulators requirements: closed caption, Loudness, SCTE, etc
  • Ingest any type of feed: analog/digital/SDI/DVB /IP/ASI/TS/HLS/ATSC/QAM,…
  • Recording both TV and radio channels
  • Full HD broadcasts support – IP/TS HD video recorder, HD SDI video recorder
  • Multiple audio tracks support
  • Multiple-language subtitles recording, closed caption, teletext, OPI 47, etc
  • Supporting SCTE-35, SCTE-104
  • Integration of EPG, As Run log files
  • Quick access and retrieval of recorded content
  • Monitor content in Live mode or archived content
  • Assign dynamic metadata to your content
  • Quickly export clips to multiple destinations using a built-in transcoding engine with support for all industry standard file formats
  • Powerful feed quality monitoring with logs
  • Intuitive playback controls include slow-motion progress, frame-by-frame, fast forward/rewind
  • Transport stream NATIVE recording
  • Supports VM (Virtual Machines) or Cloud

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