Actus View –  Broadcast Compliance Recording and Monitoring System

Actus View is a professional broadcast compliance recorder and Media monitoring platform. The platform is designed for logging and monitoring any number of TV or radio channels, from any input and any format.

The system complies with the requirements and specifications of Media regulation authorities, such as the FCC. It supports closed caption, loudness, SCTE-35, SCTE-104, teletext, multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles.

The media logged by Actus View can be saved in any bitrate, resolution and retention period. A powerful player allows multiple users to easily navigate and retrieve relevant content, to create and edit clips and to transcode and export the clips in any format.

Actus’ logging solution comes with comprehensive cross organization tools, all from a shared web-based platform. The system can be used for monitoring one’s own channels as well as competing channels, in view of a better competitive analysis.


Quick Export:

Actus View always includes the Quick-ExportTM module for easy clips creation. It allows mark-in and mark-out of a segment, selection of any resolution, bitrate and file format for export, and a choice of several destinations such as FTP, local PC, Catalog (MAM). From the catalog any clip can be searched and either downloaded or sent via E-mail. 

Please note that Quick-ExportTM does not include advanced features such as special effects (Blur, Mute, Logo insertion) or automation (API, XML hot folder) or multiple parts in a clip. If these features are required then please refer to Actus Clip-FactoryTM Click here.

Transport Stream recording  

Actus View-ProxyTM  is intended for feeds that need to encoded (compressed) into Proxy files. It does not include the capability to record the original feeds as-is (native).  If this capability is required then please refer to Actus View-NativeTM Click here.

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Key Features of Actus View-ProxyTM

  • High-quality broadcast off-air recording system (TS logger,  SDI recorder and logger, ASI logger, etc)
  • Compliance recording and compliance logger platform, complies with media regulators requirements: closed caption, Loudness, etc
  • Ingest any type of feed: analog/digital/ SDI/DVB /IP/ASI/TS
  • Full HD broadcasts support – IP/TS HD video recorder, HD SDI video recorder
  • Multiple audio tracks support
  • Multiple-language subtitles recording, closed caption, teletext, OPI 47, etc
  • Supporting SCTE-35, SCTE-104
  • Integration of EPG, As Run log files
  • Quick access and retrieval of recorded content
  • Monitor content in Live mode
  • Assign metadata to your content 
  • Quickly export clips to multiple destinations using a built-in transcoding engine with support for all industry standard file formats 
  • Powerful feed quality monitoring with logs
  • Intuitive playback controls include slow-motion progress, frame-by-frame, fast forward/rewind 
  • Web application – no client software required!
  • Option: Transport stream recording (native transport stream)
  • Supports VM (Virtual Machines) as well
  • Supports other devices such as iPads

broadcast monitoring

Why do I need Actus View?

  • Compliance recording system, complies with regulatory requirements, such as the FCC
  • Work with one shared Intelligent media platform,  cross organization
  • TV Broadcast monitoring software to monitor the competition
  • Verify the quality of your content
  • Easily share content


Actus View automatically records your content 24 x 7 and archives it for any desired period of time, making it available for you with the click of a button.

Actus View records linear video at any required quality, from any type of interface – whether it is analog, SDI, DVB or IP / TS. Once the content is stored, Actus View allows you to access and manage the content using any standard web browser. You can do everything through the web: select and encode clips into various industry standard formats and frame sizes for sharing with others inside or outside your organization, monitor the connected audio/video inputs’ for failures, and archive the recorded media for any desired period of time.

Actus View is a web application. This means that all the work is executed without any client software installed, and it can be accessed from any workstation connected inside the organization or even from a remote location.
Everything is done in a single user interface which shortens your workflows and maximizes your resources.

Actus View is a modular platform centered around 3 modules: ActusPlayer, QuickExport and AlertCenter. These modules brought together in one powerful platform, allow broadcast media professionals around the world to accomplish several important tasks.

We’ll cover the main two: Broadcast media Logging and Content Monitoring

Broadcast Logging

Actus View Logger is an enhanced platform designed specifically for Broadcast media logging and monitoring, capturing any number of audio and video channels, from any input or any format. The purpose of the system is to allow Broadcasters to record TV and radio feeds, to monitor the aired content and to easily export any segment as clips.

The system serves as a multi-functional platform and provides cross-organization tools, all from a shared web-based platform. The system comes with the ActusPlayerTM which is a solid video player for easy navigation and retrieval of all recorded content. The player also lets the users add bookmarks, Metadata, and search.
Actus broadcast logger can be comprised of any number of recorders that continuously capture and archive any number of off-air feeds, 24 x 7. The platform can include an unlimited number of channel recorders, for continuous archiving of off-air feeds.

The system is modular and would fit both a small installation of 2 or 4 channels, and up to hundreds of channels. Feeds can be Analog, SDI, ASI, IP, DVB-X, HDMI, TS, and from practically any source.
The Actus QuickExportTM module creates clips, in any format, out of the recorded linear content. Clips can be exported to any destination within the organization or outside. Including to any network share, FTP sites, or email address.

The Actus AlertCenterTM module detects automatically any irregularity in the Video or Audio feed, such as frozen image, Audio too low, and a dozen other common Quality of Experience issues.
The system is reliable, redundant, and scalable. Intended for professional broadcasters, it is installed by hundreds of broadcasters, networks, Media agencies, regulators or other government agencies, worldwide.

Broadcast Content Monitoring

Actus View is a powerful Broadcast monitoring platform. It is a software suite dedicated for content monitoring of electronic Media (TV and Radio). The platform is being used for monitoring purposes by broadcasters, governments and media agencies. Actus View is suitable for monitoring of broadcasted programs, political events, news gathering, and security.

The media is saved in any bitrate, any resolution and for any retention period. Using the ActusPlayerTM, the powerful client Web-based full featured Video player, users can easily navigate and retrieve the relevant content, add bookmarks, edit a segment using a timeline and add Metadata. The player also lets the users add bookmarks, and search content.

The platform can include a large number of recorders, for continuous archiving of off-air feeds. Optionally, 3rd party modules can be added for speech-to-text and other recognition of content. It is installed by more than 200 broadcasters, networks, Media agencies, regulators or other government agencies, worldwide.