This document is intended for existing Actus customers, with systems running older

It describes the main improvements introduced by Actus in version 5.6, which will
gradually be distributed to all customers under support agreements during 2014.
Some of the features in version 5.6 only interest customers who are recording TS

It is intended as a brief description. If you require more technical information and
precise specifications, please contact [email protected]

TS new features

Auto Channel


In case of channels from IPTS recorded asis, the display names of the channels in the UI can be picked up automatically from the IPTS.


  • Available in TS asis
  • On the roadmap (not yet available) for lowres Proxy.
Auto Extract EPG
In case of channels from IPTS recorded asis, the EPG can be extracted from the IPTS.


  • Available in TS asis
    • Only part of EPG option.
Auto Audio S/T
Capability to pick up and insert automatically, the new audio language and
subtitles once they are added in to a particular channel in TS.


  • Available in TS asis
  • In low res, you can pick a single audio and subtitle, but you can have it in different format/bitrate/framesize
Issue alert on NIC
problem [option]
Send SNMP alert when there is no TS


  • Available in TS asis
  • Requires AlertCenter option
Automation UI in IP changes Allowing customer to change some parameters of the IPTS in a new config
user interface. Saves the need to call Actus support. For example channel
name, or IP address.



More Audio
Adding support for Audio bitrates from 64Kbps to 128Kbps.

More Teletext input

Adding support for Teletext recording


  • from IP and from SDI
  • from OP47 TS


Shortcut 2 sec
When hitting this key, segment video goes 2 sec back and starts playing


  • This is a specific feature that works only with the foot pedal
Save Image A button that allows “Print Screen” and output Frame image in Jpeg file.

Content Detection

Political Time
Adds support for manual marking of speech time, or logo appearance time, or
any event time measurement. Can be used for controlling politicians speech
time before elections.


Teletext Search  Adds support for searching keywords from the Teletext input


Different Time
Support for channels that are recorded from different Time Zones.
The overlay at recording time can have a different clock than the server clock
Time display per
Each channel can now display the time from its own time zone.
In the UI – you can specify for each user if to display the timecode in its local
time and not server time
Field for country
and source [Option]
Adding new fields in the Metadata database. For “country” and “Source”.


  • Fields are searchable
  • Requires ClipFactory option

Other fields can be added “on demand”, [Optional]