In today’s fast-paced broadcast environment, staying compliant and efficient is not just a necessity but a critical component of success. This is where our advanced compliance logging solution comes into play, offering an integrated approach with SMPTE 2110 inputs, advanced clipping for social media, a comprehensive multiviewer, and a reliable backup option.

Client Overview:

Our client, Global News Network (GNN), is a leading international news broadcaster, renowned for its 24/7 coverage of global events. GNN strives to maintain the highest standards of broadcasting compliance while ensuring timely and effective content delivery across various platforms, including social media.


GNN faced multiple challenges in its broadcasting operations:

  • Transitioning to an IP-based infrastructure with SMPTE 2110 compatibility

  • Efficiently clipping and sharing broadcast content on social media platforms

  • Monitoring multiple live feeds simultaneously for compliance and quality assurance

  • Implementing a reliable backup system for uninterrupted operations


They partnered with Actus!

Our comprehensive compliance logging solution meets GNN’s specific needs:

1. SMPTE 2110 Input Integration:

We upgraded GNN’s infrastructure to support SMPTE 2110 inputs, facilitating seamless integration with IP-based workflows and enhancing the quality and flexibility of media handling.

2. Advanced Clipping for Social Media:

We provided its Clip Factory PRO with advanced clipping tools specifically designed for fast-paced news environments.  This enabled GNN to quickly edit and publish key news segments to social media, thereby engaging a wider audience.

3. Multiviewer Capability:

We implemented a state-of-the-art browser based multiviewer system, allowing GNN’s operators to monitor multiple channels and feeds on a single dynamically configurable interface.  This significantly improved their ability to view their channels, manage their content, and ensure their compliance.

4. Robust Backup System:

We integrated a comprehensive backup solution which ensured the preservation and quick recovery of logged content.  This safeguarded GNN from data loss and system failures.


GNN experienced a transformative impact on its broadcasting operations:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility with the SMPTE ST 2110 standard.
  • Increased social media engagement due to timely and relevant content sharing.
  • Improved compliance monitoring with the multiviewer feature.
  • A significant reduction in downtime and data loss risks due to the robust backup solution.


Actus’ custom compliance logging solution not only addressed GNN’s immediate challenges, but also set a new standard in their broadcast operations. By embracing advanced technologies and integrative solutions, GNN reinforced its position as a leading news broadcaster, ready to adapt to the evolving media landscape.