BOSTON, MA — March 19, 2024 — Pikolo Systems Group, Inc (Pikolo) has entered into a strategic partnership with Actus Digital (Actus) to streamline and increase engagement for broadcast operations. 

Pikolo creates workflow automation solutions designed specifically for managing day-to-day activities in broadcast operations worldwide.

Actus is a global leader of quality assurance monitoring and compliance logging solutions with a customer base of over 800 customers.

Pikolo and Actus clients will benefit from the seamless connectivity that allows ITracker users to playback video proxies of incident issues and automate the creation of incident reports sent from Actus to ITracker. This integration allows the engineering and traffic departments and supervisors to reduce their workload and view actual on-air content while reviewing discrepancy logs.

Vernon Omegah, VP of Technology at Pikolo Systems states, “At Pikolo, we are always on the quest for innovation. Partnering with Actus gives us the opportunity to add value to our clients’ user experience.”
As a part of the integration, a customized ITracker version with additional complimentary features will be available exclusively from Actus. Ken Rubin, Actus SVP states, “Actus is proud to be Pikolo’s exclusive partner and offer this special ITracker edition that delivers additional value and improves the return on investment for our mutual customers.”   

As broadcasters look to leverage data analytics, predictive analysis, and generative AI; the key to success will be implementing progressive workflows that make data acquisition easy and centralized. This collaboration will help broadcasters standardize their operational data into a single source of truth.

The Pikolo and Actus collaboration will be on full display in Actus booth W-2059 at NAB 2024.