Over the top video consumption rates are growing in a staggering pace. Effective broadcast technology applications in 2017 have to be able to transfer the content as fast as possible to as many over-the-top interfaces as needed, thus creation of Clips for OTT must support and embrace near live clipping and provide the broadcaster with effective means to automate the clips creation processes. 

Let’s start with some background: What is OTT TV and how is it being consumed? 

What’s an OTT app?

OTT refers to “over-the-top” applications that are used over the internet or mobile, rather than over the network of a service provider. OTT services actually bypass traditional distribution and carrier fees. Consumer access over the top video content using a wide variety of internet connected devices and online services, like: gaming consoles (Playstation, XBox, Wii), smartphones (Android, iPhone and Windows), computers, set top-boxes (STBs) and smart TV applications.   

TV Viewers new content consumption 

Today’s game is not only about the content but also about how to reach the viewers on any device. The viewers are not watching only linear TV but they want to watch what they want, when they want and from any device they want. Therefore, broadcasters no longer air their content only on the transitional TV and need to make sure it’s content will be broadcasted on an OTT service, on social media and any new media platform.

What should the broadcaster look for in clips creation for OTT solution?

Near live clipping

The broadcasters challenge is to make sure that the content will be available for the viewers, on all the media platforms and on any screen, as fast as possible. It means that the content has to be edited, ads have to be removed, logos and graphics have to be inserted, at the same time the content is aired on the linear TV. The content has to be distributed in all the different formats and resolutions for the multiple screens as fast as possible.

Automation of clips for OTT

Clips automation is an effective way to speed up the process of clips for OTT and social media, as well as to save man power.

The automation can be achieved by integration with different XML files such as As Run Log files and using the clips generation API, pre-defined profiles for determining, for example, the metadata, format, resolution, effects or destinations.

Software Modules

The Actus media platform integrates with a number of software modules that create the A-Z workflow for the clips generation to OTT. You may refer to the following modules for more information: