This document is intended for existing ACTUS customers, with systems running older versions.

It describes the main improvements introduced by ACTUS in version 6.2, which
will gradually be distributed to all customers under support agreements, during the
second half of 2017.

The main emphasis of this version is the addition of more powerful video editing in

It is intended as a brief description. If you require more technical information and
precise specifications, please contact [email protected]


Release of Mosaic-Std

Actus released a new “Std” (Standard) edition of the wall multi-viewer
Actus-Mosaic”. This edition brings savings in hardware by using the real-time
recordings performed by Actus-Recorders rather than requiring dedicated capture
cards (SDI, ASI, etc.) and by running on a simple PC. The Mosaic comes with user
configuration. It is possible to run 36 channels per PC/display and an unlimited
number of displays. The Mosaic-Std can include Actus-Alert-Center.



It is now possible, in Clip-Factory-Adv and Pro editions, to select a segment and a
region of interest and to apply video and audio effects such as Blur, Mute, add
Logo. This is useful for exporting clips to the Social Media.


It is now possible, in Clip-Factory, to zoom on a video segment. This is useful when
there are many markers within a few frames of each other.


It is now possible, in Clip-Factory, to edit a low-quality recording (e.g. SD), but to
export the result project using a High-quality recording (e.g. Full HD). This is useful
to reduce the bandwidth used by video editors working on clipping, but the end
result will be produced from the highest quality recording.


Open Group Channels

Each TV or radio channels can be assigned to a group (e.g. “Sport”). It is possible
to open (players of) all the channels of one group with a single click.


Customized presets

Export presets can now be edited and modified by users. Each preset defined a
“profile” for one type of export, at a given format, to a given destination.

Parts in XML

When exporting the Metadata file (xml) it is now possible to display in it all the
parts of the project, with their markers, and with specific Metadata to each part.

Accurate Thumbnails

The thumbnails that are selected by the user to represent a clip or a part are now
both frame accurate and from a higher quality than previously. This is useful to
prepare high quality images to represent a video clip in Social Media or VOD.