Workflow for Clips for OTT and social

Belgium, Brussels, August 2017 – At IBC 2017 Actus Digital will announce a new and improved version of its automated clips creation platform for OTT, Social Media, and any media platform.

Actus Clip Factory Pro is another expansion of the Clip Factory suite of products.

“Not all the broadcasters have the same workflow, requirements and integrations needed for their content re-purposing requirements”,

said Raphael Renous, Actus CTO,

“Therefore we have developed a suite of products: Basic, Advanced and Pro. This way each broadcaster has the flexibility to choose the solution that fits the specific requirements.”

Actus was the first vendor to introduce an automated clips creation software, named “Clip-Factory”, during the IBC show 3 years ago. At that time, clips creation for Social Media was still at its infancy. Since then,  a large number of TV Networks and Telecom operators have adopted Actus’ platform and hundreds of clips are created daily and distributed to their Web sites, as well as to their Social Media pages, such as Facebook and alike.

The broadcast industry is getting a step closer to offering side-by-side linear Live TV programming with non-linear OTT clips for VOD and Catch-up TV.  Actus has also noticed that more and more vendors are embarking on this path and also offering clips creating platforms. At the same time, Actus customers have already defined what should be the next generation of clips creation platforms.

Actus Digital is announcing a newer and much richer product, destined for professional clip editing use, by broadcasters and operators. The new product, named “Clip-Factory-Pro” will include a number of features that make it, again, the most forward looking platform available. The features include a set of video editing functions, such as blurring, muting, pre/post rolls, Ads removal and more. The Clip-Factory-Pro also comes with a new set of Metadata generating tools that can integrate to AsRunLog, automation and Ads insertion systems in view of a fully automated workflow from Linear to OTT. The workflow includes automated delivery to Social Media servers such as Facebook and YouTube.

Last but not least, the Clip-Factory-Pro includes the Multi-Quality technology that allows editing on a low resolution proxy, using low bandwidth, and possible in the Cloud, while the exported clip will be duplicated and exported precisely using a full resolution recording.

The Clip-Factory-Pro will be demonstrated for the first time during the IBC 2017 show, September, in Amsterdam.

About Actus Digital

Actus Digital is a leading provider of broadcast recording and monitoring platform, designed for broadcasters, TV networks, cable, satellite and IPTV operators, Playout centers, Telco, and governments.

Actus platform is an integrated solution – one platform that provides different solutions for different needs. Some of the solutions are compliance logging (complies with all regulators requirements), clips creation for the social media, OTT, and any media platform and rating and competitive analysis.

Actus provides its solutions to hundreds of customers worldwide, such as CNBC, Sky, AMC Networks, Fox, Sony, Star, BBC, Disney, and more.