This document is intended for existing ACTUS customers, with systems running
older versions.

It describes the main improvements introduced by ACTUS in version 6.3 , which
will gradually be distributed to all customers during the first half of 2018 , under
support agreements.

The main emphasis of this version is the addition of more powerful video editing in Clip-Factory.
As well as the conversion of the Rating Analyzer into Actus5 (HTML5).

It is intended as a brief description. If you require more technical information and
precise specifications, please contact [email protected]



It is now possible, in Clip-Factory-Pro edition, to select and import any existing
video clip and to affix it as a pre-roll, or as a post-roll, to the clip project being

Configurable Metadata

The fields of Metadata of the clip project (such as “Description”, “DRM”, “Source”,
etc.) can now be freely created by the customer. The fields can defined as open, or
lists, or connected to an external database from which values can be drawn. This is
useful to connect the Actus Clip-Factory to external clips management systems.


The user can now click and drag on the timeline and obtain visible dynamic
scrubbing thumbnails. This is useful to scan the video segment very fast and
visually detect a region of interest.


It is now possible, in Clip-Factory-Pro, to define the customer Facebook account and
credentials within the Actus system, and to export clips directly to their Facebook
specific page, with thumbnail and Metadata (text), including Facebook

Flexible Export Presets

Previous versions only allowed one Export function (for example transcoding to
some format). In version 6.3 each export preset can be composed of a number of
functions, performed in parallel or sequentially. The benefit includes the possibility
to perform format transcoding, as well as adding PIP (picture in picture), or burning
subtitles, all in one command (Export preset).


Actus now includes support for 3rd party video editors and transcoders. The first
implementation is with the ATEME system. The Actus Clip-Factory-Pro is now
seamlessly integrated with the ATEME system and clips can be edited on Actus and
sent for final encoding on ATEME. Additional transcoding 3rd party systems are
planned for integration in future versions.


Active Recorder

Actus has completed the development of a new, Active recorder. The new recorder
includes self-diagnostic capabilities, and a watchdog that can stop and restart the
recordings. The new Active recorder comes with an improved log. Every new
installation will include the new active recorder.

Hi-Fi Audio

The new recorder includes support for high quality audio recording, suitable for

Rating Analyzer

Ratings in Actus5

The Rating Analyzer module was rewritten in Actus5 (HTML5) and is now part of the
new platform, together with Actus-View, Clip-Factory, Alert-Center, EPG and
Catalog. The Rating module was also improved with the additions of features such
as “Zoom” and “Pan”.


PPM in clip

It is now possible to export a clip and to include in it the loudness data either as an
overlay (text with LKFS values) or as a graphic representation of loudness meters
(in LU units around +0-).