Mediaset, Italy’s largest private group in the Media and Telecom sector, owns and operates several commercial TV channels as well as a number of Newspapers, magazines and major websites. Its Videotime division is responsible for capturing and distributing video content to the various Media channels which are associated with it. As part of its modernization, Mediaset Videotime wished to establish a video content management system with a capacity of 60 TV channels, as well as HD camera feeds coming from live interviews at Videotime’s studios. Video Progetti was selected as system integrator and Actus Digital’s system was chosen following a comprehensive evaluation.

“The Actus system receives dozens of live video streams and allows the viewers to review the content, both live and from archive. The Actus Clip Factory editing tool allows the journalists to edit the videos, add metadata and create clips”

said Claudio Tombola, technical Director for Mediaset/RTI Spa.

The editing work is performed on standard PCs or MAC without requiring any installation, using Actus’ web-based HTML5 platform. The system is designed to distribute the clips to any website, social media, OTT or media platform. All Mediaset clips are stored on a shared storage via FTP transfers. If necessary, clips can be re-edited either on the Actus Clip Factory, or, if more complex editing is required, then the Avid Media composer can be used.

“The Clip Factory solution from Actus was selected following a proof of concept that lasted for several weeks”,

said Alessandro Repossi, the engineer in charge of the project at Mediaset Videotime.

“We were able to test our complete workflow, from linear feeds all the way to insertion of clips into Web pages, together with their associated Metadata, overlays and graphics. Using Actus automation, we were able to achieve a faster turnaround from live to publication”.

“At Actus, we consider this installation as a significant milestone, since Mediaset is a leading European media group, at the forefront of modernization, and with forward-looking workflows”

said Larry Joffe, Actus’ VP of business development.

“During the tests conducted by Video Progetti and Mediaset, we were able to test the system capacity, responsiveness, user friendliness and quality of clips. We are especially delighted to hear that our solution has been well received by the Mediaset journalists. “

About Mediaset

Mediaset S.p.A., also known as Gruppo Mediaset, is an Italian-based media company and the largest commercial broadcaster in the country. Founded in 1987 by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and is still controlled today with a 38.6% stake by his family’s holding company Fininvest. In addition to its domestic television interests, Mediaset also operates a series of news, entertainment and sport websites; holds 50.1% of the Spanish broadcasting firm Mediaset España Comunicación; owns the film production company Medusa Film; and heads a consortium which owns the television production house Endemol.

About VideoProgetti

Video Progetti S.r.l. is a leading Italian company which has been working for over 20 years in the distribution and integration of professional equipment for television, cinema and telecommunications. Having offices both in Rome and Milan, Video Progetti is constantly in touch with the key players in these fields and participates in the development of the broadcast industry by offering the most up-to-date production technology.
About Actus Digital

About Actus Digital

Actus Digital is a leading provider of enterprise media intelligence platform, for broadcast monitoring, compliance and for clips creation for social and OTT. Actus solutions are designed for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments. Actus compliance platform is a cost effective solution for regulators requirements, including closed caption and loudness. Actus clip factory solution includes editing and distribution of clips to Web, social media, VOD, OTT and Catchup TV.