Aajtak is the largest news channels network in India which was looking for an effective clips creation workflow both for their live clips and news highlights. Actus platform is recording all Aajtak IP Transport Streams. The clips editing workflow is simple to use and allows the users to easily remove the advertisements from the clips, add logos and other effects. The result is that the clips are published into Aajtak web site just a few seconds from the time of the TV broadcast.

Actus Clip Factory is a solution for broadcast linear recording and live clips creation for social media and OTT. It includes a complete workflow: record, extract, edit, transcode and deliver. It guarantees the content will be published to all the media platforms fast, allows to add any metadata, overlays, graphics, pre/post roll, transcode the clips to any format and distribute the clips to any destination. The clips creation workflow can be done manually or automatically.

Aajtak has chosen Actus Clip Factory to speed up the web sites clips creation

“The Actus Clip Factory solution is exactly what we needed in order to improve our clips creation workflow”, said Piyush Gupta, Aajtak Group CTO. “We are using Actus system to record our news channels and to prepare clips for our web portals. Making sure our content is published to other platforms, fast and effectively, is critical to maintain and increase our viewers’ engagement. Actus provides a one stop solution for the entire workflow: the clips can be done from any workstation, no need for special editors, the workflow is simple and fast, making the entire process cost effective without overloading our workflow.”

“We are happy that our solution and technology could replace the old legacy systems that have been used before” said Raphael Renous, Actus CTO,  and that with our solution Aajtak speeds up the clips creation process, eliminates the high management attention required by old solutions, provides an easy workflow and increase the quality. The solution is scalable and Aajtak is using our clips creation solution in a scale of more than 10,000 clips per month.”

About Actus Digital

Actus Digital is a leading provider of enterprise media intelligence platform, for broadcast monitoring, compliance and clips creation for social and OTT. Actus solutions are designed for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments.

Actus platform is a cost effective compliance solution that complies with all regulators requirements, such as closed caption and loudness. It also provides a solution for content repurposing and clips creation for the Web, social media, VOD, OTT and Catchup TV, manually and with various automation options.