TOT is one of the two main telecom companies of Thailand. Its history dates back to 1954 with fixed line telephone, it evolved through mobile telephony and recently add multimedia and content services. TOT is also a network operator.

TOT’s search for a multimedia monitoring solution was initiated by a few incidents that occurred around TOT’s fiber optic link while delivering live sport transmissions to broadcasters. There was a need for an affidavit system to record and provide a proof of delivery throughout the various phases of the transmission.

According to Mr. Boonma KhamPoy, Director of the Broadcasting Operations Sector of TOT, “Actus’ system was found to be the most reliable during tests and in the beginning of 2017 we installed our first Actus system for video logging and monitoring of live signals. Following that installation, if any dispute occurs today, we are able to provide proof of performance by exporting the recorded clip to our customers.”

The Actus system included the View module for recording and playing content, the Alert-Center for real-time alerts on issues in the feeds and a light Mosaic system for multi-viewer wall monitoring. The system was installed and integrated by Advanced Digital tech (ADT), one of the leading broadcast equipment distributors in Thailand and distributor of Actus products. ADT also provides maintenance and support to guarantee a good working system.

At the end of 2017, TOT defined a Phase II project to increase the number of channels and to add recording from IP and ASI feeds. Both phases are now completed and integrated into one centralized system using Actus components. Mr. Supat Sirithamrat, Managing Director of Advanced Digital Tech Group Co. Ltd, declared that “TOT had requirements regarding video logging and monitoring, to which Actus complied with their solutions such as Actus View, Clip factory, Alert Center, and especially taking into account Actus seamless scalability. TOT also found our Actus based solution to be the most cost effective. Following the first phase installation at TOT, that included 6x HD, 8x SD, 2x IP channels, TOT followed with a second phase this year and had extended its capacity to 44 channels including ASI feeds. Actus supports scalability without changing infrastructure and to date, TOT is satisfied with the system’s performance”.

About ADT: One of the largest broadcasting equipment distributors in Thailand, Advance Digital Tech Group Co., Ltd. is an importer of Video Server and Broadcasting Equipment and distribute to TV stations, Video Production Houses, Education Institutes, and Governmental Offices, was founded February 2005.

About TOT: TOT Public Company Limited (ทีโอที) is a Thai state-owned telecommunications company. Originally established in 1954 and incorporated in 2002. TOT’s main line of business is fixed line telephony although it has several other businesses, including mobile telephony, networks and Multimedia.