Brussels, August, 2018. Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) is an audiovisual public service company belonging to the SSR (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) media group, which offers programs on four -radio channels, two TV channels and numerous digital platforms. RTS live content is also published to the web portal.

As part of a modernization process, RTS wished to establish a more innovative, efficient and friendly content management system. One of its goals was to improve the clips creation workflow for publishing RTS content to the web portal and social media.

Actus Digital was selected as the platform that records RTS channels and provides a web-based interface for monitoring the content as well as for editing clips, add metadata and export the clips. The solution is Actus Clip Factory: it can be used from any workstation, from anywhere, by anyone.

“The Actus system ingests video plan guides and metadata, receives RTS live streams, records, stores temporary the video and allows the viewers to segment and document the content, both live and from the archive. The Actus Clip Factory editing tool allows the users to monitor and edit the videos, add metadata, create and publish quickly the clips to the new media platforms” said Jean-Paul Persiali, Product Owner, RTS. “The editing work is performed on standard PCs or MAC without requiring any installation, using Actus’ web-based HTML5 platform. With Actus system we do not need professional editors to create the clips as the workflow is very intuitive and simple. We have significantly improved our turnaround from live to the content publication. Actus Clip Factory is now part of our Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA) by RTS. Therefore, other RTS services can also benefit of this product.”

“We are happy that RTS has chosen Actus Clip Factory and appreciated Actus capabilities of integration and customizations (needed for RTS) according to its needs, said Raphael Renous, Actus CTO. “In order for RTS to have one integrated solution, we integrated our Clip Factory with several automation systems as well as with transcoding farms. All the live clipping of sport, news, weather, talk shows, is done in full HD quality and in multiple locations. Additionally, Actus metadata automation and as Run log files integration gives RTS easy segmentation of the content and faster uploading to their web site.”

About RTS

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) (, an audiovisual company belonging to the SSR SRG group, develops its public service programmes on four radio channels, two TV channels and several interactive platforms. Headquartered in Geneva and Lausanne, RTS has an office in each French-speaking canton as well as correspondents in Bern, Zurich, Lugano and the main capitals abroad. RTS programmes are aimed at the Swiss francophone public, mainly located in the so-called ‘Suisse Romande’ with its 2 millions inhabitants. Many TV shows from the RTS, starting with the daily news, are broadcast worldwide via TV5 World. The same applies to all radio broadcasts produced by the RTS, freely accessible from its websites in all territories. With an annual budget of 380 million francs and nearly 2,000 staff, RTS is a leading audiovisual company in its market, both in radio and television. It offers a wide range of programmes that are accessible to all, while respecting its public service mandate.

About Actus Digital

Actus Digital is a leading provider of enterprise media intelligence platform, for broadcast monitoring, compliance and for clips creation for social and OTT. Actus solutions are designed for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments. Actus compliance platform is a cost-effective solution for regulators requirements, including closed caption and loudness. Actus clip factory solution includes editing and distribution of clips to Web, social media, VOD, OTT and Catchup TV.