As the world is reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic we want to communicate Actus has taken steps to minimize any impact in our ability to deliver on our commitments and to support our customers.

We are also here to assist you with any product demos, evaluations or proposals you may require, and all of these can be delivered remotely. You will be receiving Webinar invitations as well as private demo options to choose from.

Open, clear and regular communication is essential in the face of these current global challenges, and we will continue to be in touch. We also realize that special times like now require special measures and although you may have budgeted a new compliance and monitoring system for 2020 these plans may have to be postponed.

We have various options that we hope will assist with these times and be helpful to support an existing system as well as migrate or purchase a new one.

What are the options regarding my end of life Volicon Observer system?

If you currently use a Volicon end of life system you are probably looking for options to replace your existing system. At these special times, you may even consider keeping your existing system however need to make sure it is supported.

Actus Digital, a global provider of compliance and media intelligent monitoring platform, offers different options for customers who are still using Volicon system:

1. Support the existing Volicon system: we will keep supporting your Volicon system, mainly at these times of the COVID-19, to save the costs of a new system and delay the new investment for as long as possible. Most of ther vendors that did provide support to Volicon systems – they declared the support has stopped.

2. Use existing hardware: In case the software is outdated, and you need to replace it, we can use the existing Volicon hardware and replace only the software. This is almost a transparent change: the servers do not have to be taken out of the rack or moved, the video feeds stay connected as they are now for a seamless transition to the new platform.

A new Compliance and Monitoring platform:

In case the preferred way or as a result of other limitations such as the hardware is too old and/or not performing well is to purchase a new system, Actus offers a complete new compliance and monitoring system in a few ways: 1) a turnkey plug and play system, 2) only the software will be installed on your existing hardware, 3) installed on a VM or Cloud.

Special payment terms and models:

We offer special payment and service models to support you in any way forward you choose.

Please email us: [email protected] and we will be happy to work with you to determine the best solution to fit your particular needs and budgets.

Please stay safe!