The video environment continues to evolve and grow in complexity. And if you’re a broadcaster or TV network, the best way to address that is by exploring new methods for improving workflow efficiencies and reducing costs.

Lately, broadcasters have found that by using compliance and monitoring solutions for tasks beyond the ordinary (i.e., meeting mandatory regulatory requirements), they can streamline their workflows, decrease opex and capex, and achieve ROI.

Let’s look at some of the key features that you should look for in a compliance and monitoring solution to keep your media operations running at the utmost efficiency.

Expanding the feature set drives efficiency

There are many capabilities — beyond simple tasks, such as logging, monitoring, and regulation — that modern compliance and monitoring solutions can and should provide.

For instance, you want a platform that can check the quality of service of the aired content, and send real-time alerts regarding any issues related to audio, video, loudness, closed captions, and subtitles. You also want to be able to perform program rating analysis as well as competitive analysis in order improve future program planning as well as improve the content to gain higher ratings. This has been identified as a strategic way to gain an edge on the competition and grow your revenue.

Today, being able to maintain viewer engagement on social media platforms is also critical. You want a platform that allows fast content turnaround and can help with repurposing content quickly to social media, web, and OTT platforms. There should be an easy workflow for clips editing, adding metadata, as well as automation options, using AI for keywords detection, defined rules, video analysis, ads detection, and more.

By replacing old legacy editing systems with simpler tools that can be used by anyone, not just

professional editors, you can drastically speed up the clips creation workflow.

What’s also essential in today’s competitive broadcast environment is being able to track the aired ads both for ads verification and for competitive analysis. Choosing a compliance and monitoring solution that provides a comprehensive report on the results will greatly simplify this process.


Today, there has been a trend in compliance and monitoring solutions declaring end of life. A major reason is that they fail to meet all of broadcasters’ requirements. By choosing a unified platform that supports everything from recording to monitoring, compliance, clips creation and exporting to OTT, social media, analysis, quality assurance, you can drive workflow efficiencies and monetization.