Actus Digital to Continue Supporting Volicon Monitoring Systems After SnapStream Support Extension Expired

Actus Digital, the leading provider of compliance and media monitoring solutions, today announced that it will continue supporting Volicon Observer monitoring systems to ensure that broadcasters’ content complies with regulatory requirements.

Traditionally, broadcasters and media operators have relied on automated systems for recording, monitoring and to maintain compliance with mandatory requirements, such as loudness regulations, SCTE standards and closed caption rules. In recent years, compliance solutions have evolved significantly, allowing broadcasters to support a larger variety of video inputs and a growing number of OTT formats. But some compliance solutions go way beyond this.
Today, as broadcasters and TV networks look to further improve the efficiency of their workflow and save costs, artificial intelligence (AI)-based compliance and monitoring is having a major impact on the industry. The role of compliance systems extends beyond technical compliance (i.e., audio and video quality checks and alerts, loudness checks, detection of missing closed captions), which are more considered as technical monitoring, to include content analysis as well as automated content analysis.