In hindsight, it was hard to predict the momentous impact of the COVID-19 worldwide. As we are still adjusting to the new normal, we apply the learning and the experience to fundamentally transform our business not just to survive, but to prosper. The pandemic will change the way companies work in the future.

Here are 5 points that will make your Broadcast Compliance solution pandemic-proof:

Remote Monitoring

Prior to the pandemic, remote access to your broadcast compliance was a mere convenience, allowing you to check your broadcast from home or from the road. Still, most of the “work” was done from the office. Office access is no longer possible and most likely will not be for a while.

This applies not only to the compliance system users who need to monitor the content, create clips, etc. but also to the administrators who must perform their job remotely and check the quality of the aired content, as one example, from any device, using any browser, while guaranteeing network security.

Actus Digital platform is built on Angular 10 framework, assuring cross-browser, cross-platform compatibility, with secured access and improved performance.

Remote Configuration

As the last year proved, agility and adaptability have become our core competence, including our Broadcast Compliance. We must be able to reconfigure our systems, connect to a variety of broadcast signals (local and remote) and accomplish it without physical presence.

Using IP-based broadcast infrastructure can greatly ease the reconfiguration task, but also use of SDI/ASI programmable switches can achieve the same.

All the administrative, support, and configuration tools must be functional through remote connection.
Actus’s Angular10-based UI guarantees remote configuration capability.

Process automation

Broadcast engineers are overtasked, both to cut costs and to deal with the added complexity of the broadcast chain. Assembling “best of breed” workflows contributes to efficient process management.

Every workflow must be fully automated, regardless of how many vendors are included.

Actus Digital supplies fully-fledged APIs with retry, reconfiguration, and failure reporting.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must

AI is here and is here to stay. Major brands provide AI packages that can be integrated into the broadcast workflows, ranging from speech-to-text, to object/face recognition, to scene description. Integrating these technologies into the broadcast workflow eases asset management and navigation.

Actus Digital is integrated with a variety of AI engines to increase the value of deployed compliance solutions and to allow more automation options.

Scale and Deploy

The constant in business is change, and so is Broadcast Compliance. With new channels, some are temporary and/or on-demand, the ability to scale your compliance solution is crucial. Scaling individual functions provides an optimal and cost-effective configuration.

Actus’s solution is deployable on VM, Cloud, or on-premise environment, assuring quick response to changing requirements.

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