Use your compliance for cross organization automatic workflows and benefit from integrations with your other systems

In today’s world, every two different applications must be able to communicate with each other. Any system must be able to integrate with third parties systems, and vise versa, through advanced API, to allow integrations and automatic workflows.

APIs are more than technical “communication” for sharing data. Well-designed APIs provide organizations with a critical link to data and services that enable rapid innovation and open new workflows and services. This is exactly what Actus API was designed for.

Actus compliance recording and intelligent monitoring platform is an open system. Our rich, scalable and authenticated REST API is an integral part of it. We integrate with any third-party system and allow any third party to integrate with our platform capabilities and data. Our API allows automatic workflows for better efficiency, faster operations, saving human resources, avoid errors and provides a new source of information. It goes beyond the fact that all Actus data is standard, open and can be accessed and monitored with standard tools. For example, all the recorded media can be accessed by any standard video player, or the database is purely open. A closed application that is using proprietary data and is lacking the ability to communicate with other applications is not viable.

Here are a few examples of Actus platform use cases that highlights the importance and added values of the above.

Automatic clipping – Actus provides a complete automatic clipping workflow. All the functionalities are achieved through Actus API, integration to playout systems metadata, advanced clipping options and extracted metadata, third parties’ applications such as external transcoding farms. Such a workflow will speed up the process, save human costs and will be more accurate.

Automatic reports based on the playout systems metadata such as reports on the ads that have been aired , discrepancy reports based on the playout data and scheduling data.

Automatic scheduled clipping – no need to clip specific content manually. With Actus API and defined set of rules the clips will be created and exported to the right destination in a complete automated workflow.

Actus player API allows any other application to benefit from Actus smart player and unique features.

Another common use case is integration with MAM systems. One example is loading automatically the  MAM Ads files for the purpose of Actus automatic ads detection. The automatic ad detection allows to track the aired ads on competitive channels without the need to load one Ad at a time, saving time and expensive human resources.