Benefit from your compliance recording: fast content turn-around, increase Ads sales revenues, export metadata to your MAM (CAPEX or OPEX model)

A compliance solution is mandatory and must support all the regulatory requirements such as closed caption, subtitles, loudness SCTE, technical alerts, multiviewers, etc. However, this is only one workflow of a much larger solution – Actus intelligent monitoring platform.

Yes, any compliance system will say it allows different departments to use it: the news department, the technical department, the research department and more. Is it really so?

A few examples:

Actus CP PRO for fast content turn-around to VOD/OTT/Web/social media

Any compliance solution exports clips. Does it replace cumbersome editing systems used for advanced clips editing, metadata generation, effects and automation, as a few examples? The answer is definitely no. This is exactly Actus Clip Factory PRO. In addition to the compliance solution, it offers an enhanced editing workflow that eliminates the need of complex editing systems, professional video editors, and dedicated workstations. It can be used by anyone, anytime, from anywhere and gets the content published immediately. It is the most cost-effective and fast content re-purposing. It also integrates with transcoding farms such as Elemental, Ateme, Telestream, etc. 

Actus LMAM for content Classification and metadata within your compliance monitoring

A compliance logging system records large quantities of content. This by itself is an asset that can be used later, searched on, etc. Unless your compliance system includes metadata management elements, all the recorded content will not be able to be used beyond the immediate compliance requirements.

A most common scenario is the use of the metadata (Actus LMAM) to speed up the content re-purposing process (Actus Clip Factory PRO). For example: news channels need to publish the news editions to their Web the minute the news program ends. With Actus metadata and clipping capabilities, the program metadata can be loaded into the system before the program starts, saving precious time and allows to have the content published much faster. Another example is to export all the metadata to any MAM system for future searching and not “waste” the content.

Actus Adwatch for increasing Ads sales revenues and competitive analysis

Actus offers advanced AI options such as automatic ads detection. There are other compliance solutions that can detect ads, some on a smaller scale, some on a larger scale. Actus content matching support large scale, provides reports and includes the ability to detect ads that are aired only at competition channels.  Being alerted on such ads is the first step to increase your ads revenues.