Actus’s Engineering Tools have gotten even better

Actus Core-Engineering Features: A longtime favorite of Engineers for its easy-to-use yet extremely powerful UI, updated version 8.0 adds many new features and benefits, some subtle… some jaw-dropping.

Actus Synchro (for OTT and Delivery Chain): Automatically discover and monitor all OTT renditions and troubleshoot and recover from AV impairments faster by pinpointing the root at any point in your delivery chain.

Actus is Next-Gen: Actus supports ATSC-3.0 not just for all the known features, such as technical-alerts, browser-based multiviewer, and TS analysis but version 8.0 includes new ways to monitor and alert on new Metadata that come along with Next Generation television.

Two New Types of Engineers now Love Actus Too!

Actus RVM – for MVPD Engineering and Operations: Dial-up any STB-channel at your head-end and/or hub-sites from anywhere using the Actus user interface to see precisely what your viewers are seeing and search the recordings of any tuned channels.

Actus Radio – Not just for Television: The new Radio-specific dashboard enables monitoring and control of many distributed radio stations from any location, with hybrid TV/Radio and Radio only versions. Live volume levels are graphed over time with real time alerts of problem and extracted Radio metadata that is displayed, searched, and alerted-on when missing.

One Platform… Many Beneficiaries (Beyond QA/ Compliance Engineering)

For News Teams: Actus news intelligence gathering enables improved strategies and ratings performance. Keyword alerts notify you when competitors air “breaking news”, collaboration tools allow notes to be entered about individual stories that can be labeled and categorized with manually-entered or AI-assisted metadata inclusion, and ratings graphs next to the content aired show what is working.

For Digital Media Teams – Actus Clip Factory Pro: This advanced clip editing/concatenation tool enables quick manual and automated content repurposing to social media, VoD assets, and sending original-quality content back-to-air – eliminating the need for edit/graphics suites and beating your competition to digital publishing.

For Ads Sales Teams – Actus AdMatch: Automated commercial tracking on all stations in your market generates prioritized weekly lead lists of your competitors’ new and top advertisers. Non-station uses include political ad tracking enhanced with dynamic metadata, sorting, and searching.

For Asset Management Teams – Actus Light-MAM:  Automated program extraction and concatenation with manual and self-activated processes create extensive metadata-rich VoD/OTT asset libraries that increase the searchability and value of archives, either feeding existing MAMs or creating an original Actus archive.

Actus = Best Value 

Lower Prices, Maximum Reliability, Best US-Support and Extensive Capabilities


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