New OTT Analysis and Multiviewer Enhancements Fuel Increased Actus Popularity Among US TV Stations, Broadcast Networks, and MVPD’s

BOSTON — October, 2022 — Actus Digital, the leading provider of broadcast compliance logging and quality monitoring solutions, will introduce enhanced OTT Analysis and the new version 8.5 to broadcasters attending NAB’s New York show on October 19th-20th in booth 925 at the Jacob Javitz center.

Actus popularity in the US continues to grow exponentially as more and more broadcasters become aware of not just the extensive feature set, but the fantastic value the Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform provides. 

“Part of the brilliance of the Actus platform is the simplicity in alerting engineers and pinpointing issues that genuinely impact viewer experience… without overloading them with details that don’t”, said Actus SVP, Ken Rubin. He continued, “There is no better value in our industry as almost all advanced features are included in the surprisingly-affordable base-license price – including this new version’s advancement in OTT Analysis and browser-based low-latency Multiviewers.”

OTT Monitoring and SCTE

 Many Engineers consider Actus to be their personal resource or secret asset that maintains quality-of-service and quality-of-experience, That same investment is a platform leveraged throughout a station or organization that unifies what were previously silos of technology into a shared-resource not just for Engineering but also for News, Ad-Sales, Digital Repurposing, Competitive Research, and Management.

In addition to the already extensive tool set for Engineers that now include superior OTT QoS/QoE analysis and unlimited low-latency browser-based multiviewers that bring together broadcast and OTT quality control, Actus version 8.5 offers benefits to many others, including tools for:

TV News teams to improve programming and ratings by showing ratings graphs next to content from competitors, send keyword alerts when competitors have ‘breaking news’, and provide collaborative bookmarking and note-sharing for news, program, and talent development.

TV Ad-Sales teams to maximize PPM and increase revenue using Actus AdWatch to generate lead-lists, perform competitive ad analysis, and improve their sales pitch by sharing demographic ratings and relative-audience-exposure to prospective advertisers.

Digital Media teams to help them be ‘first to digital’ using Actus Clip Factory Pro for fast manual and/or automated clip-editing and social media publishing, VoD creation, at back-to-air quality.

MVPDs that are loving the single-interface in the new Actus RVM (Remote Video Monitoring) that enables them to dial into any of hundreds of post-Set Top Box channels, at geographically dispersed headends and hub sites, to troubleshoot audio-video issues in real-time and verify timing and accuracy of regional ad-insertion.

Radio Stations to improve their quality of experience with new alerting dashboards that enable the monitoring and control of up to thousands of distributed radio stations through a single-interface.

Asset Management teams to help create value from their media archives by using Actus Light-MAM to create and enrich metadata with automated data extraction and AI-based metadata generation to create Actus asset libraries from scratch and/or integrate with existing MAM systems.

To schedule an appointment to see Actus version 8.5 in booth 925 at NAB-NY or online anytime, visit: