Compliance logging is a mandatory requirement; however for ActusDigital it is
one part of a much larger solution. ActusDigital media intelligence platform
provides additional workflows and is using the compliance logger to increase

Actus Adwatch for Ads sales analysis

Actus Adwatch is a unique workflow for automatic content detection and content

One of the broadcasters’ challenges is to increase the ads sales
revenues. Actus Adwatch was designed to automatically track the aired ads, on
any given number of channels, and provide reports. While the broadcasters have
the information on the aired ads from their playout systems, the information
about the competitors’ ads is not available.

Adwatch allows to automatically track
the competitors’ ads and analyze their ads revenues versus yours. Together with
Actus rating analyzer Actus platform provides all the tools to the marketing and
ads sales teams to increase the ads revenues.

A few common use cases for Actus Adwatch:

  1. Manually tracking the number of aired ads is time consuming, not accurate,
    and costly as it requires intensive manual work. Actus Adwatch offers a
    complete workflow for automatic ad detection and customized reports. A
    common report is a comparison between the number of aired ads in the
    different channels, resulting in efficient analysis and clear action items.
  2. Detection of ads violations and cases where the number of aired ads in a
    specific time period exceeded the allowed time. With Actus discrepancy
    reports option you can also analyze if this was planned or a result of
  3. Content rights violation: Make sure your content is not being aired by
    channels that are not authorized to do so. Adwatch will send an alert for an
    immediate action to prevent this.

Complete workflow

Actus Adwatch is using an advanced fingerprinting algorithm both for audio and
video streams. The new ads can be marked in/out from Actus UI or loaded and
integrated with third parties systems such as MAM systems. Once the ads are in
the system, they will be detected. Adwatch also offers an option to scan back the
recordings and detect the ads that have been aired prior the fingerprinting,
assuring no detection will be missed.

Alerting on new Ads – without fingerprinting

Unless you have all the ads as files it is impossible to be sure that all the ads have
been fingerprinted. One of Adwatch unique features is the ability to detect new ads, although they
have not been fingerprinted.

Actus detects these ads and provides the operator a
“suspected new ads” report. The operator only needs to approve or reject the
“suspicious” Ad. Once the Ad is approved, it will be detected.